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The Obama administration seems to have misplaced the "I" in CIA. An L.A. Times story "highlights a sharp difference between President Obama's counter-terrorism policy and that of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Under Obama, the CIA has killed more people than it has captured ... [and] stopped trying to detain or interrogate suspects caught abroad...."

The rationale for eliminating terrorist interrogation is beyond farce. Liberal criticism of Gitmo, as well as liberal exposure of secret detention facilities abroad, has left nowhere for Obama to hold captives. And Obama's prosecutorial witch-hunts for Bush loyalists in the CIA have had a chilling effect on agents, who no longer feel compelled to interrogate terrorists in light of Obama's politization of the office.

So, Obama's policies of knee-capping the intel community have had the catastrophic effect of literally terminating "a gold mine" of U.S. intelligence and resulted in a new policy of simply killing all of our enemies without regard for their potential intelligence value. I doubt this is what voters had in mind when they heard Obama promise to reverse Bush's policies. On the other hand, if Bush's policy was an attempt to win over hearts and minds - Obama's promise has been fulfilled.

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I recommend the guillotine after he is convicted.

I don't care! Obama is Awesome!

I'm not a fan of this president, particularly. But if Obama wasn't killing terrorists, I'm certain he'd be criticized on the right for doing that. It's very tough to discern what's legitimate criticism and what partisan harping.

Please, he's not killing them. The CIA is killing them to avoid the legal ramifications of capturing them. It's a heck of a cover of the rear for our guys, but what choice have they got?

Who didn't know this would happen once the Obama Adminstration made it clear that capturing a terrorist could mean the careers of both soldiers and CIA operatives? Heck, anyone would be liable if the suspect got so much as a black eye during capture and detention, not to mention the rougher stuff that might actually be helpful. It's ugly, but who can blame them for taking the earier way to do their jobs?

I suspect if I wait a few hours I'll know.

Lately it can be hard to tell what is spam and what is legitimate comment.

Joel, allow me to give you a crash course in the subtle nuances of a Justin Paulette post:

Obama = liberal = leftist = terrorist-symp = fascist = Commie = elitist = evil and very, very bad.

George W. Bush = manly = conservative = patriotic cowboy = oh-so-good!

Also, anything that could ever conceivably even HINT to make a conservative look less than perfect in the eyes of an outside observer must obviously be due to the sinister influence of The Liberal Media.

Gosh almighty, can you not come up with something more original. Maybe like "Bush is Hitler"....

Craig Scanlon = Arab lover

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