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A Sad Day For Internet Blogs Everywhere

Ron Paul is running for president.

The "comments" sections of political blogs across the country will be inundated with cut-and-paste, non-sequitur, spam-like rants from fanatical, OCD paulbots for the next 18 months.

I'm actually not radically opposed to Paul and think he contributes to the GOP ideology and debate. The most annoying aspect of a Ron Paul candidacy is the Ron Paul following which treats their icon with the same adulation due his apostolic namesake. In this one case, I'd seriously entertain the concept of internet censorship!

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Just for the record, I am claimming original authorship of about 5% of the Ron Paul stuff that gets cut and pasted.

It isn't the fault of the Ron Paul crowd, they are victims of an improper understanding of Hypocracy. Once we explain to them there is no such thing as Principle they will go away.

Justin - How, specifically, do you think Paul "contributes to the GOP ideology and debate."?

I've always thought libertarians were just liberals (i.e., thoughtless zealots) who were too smart for standard totalitarian salvation theology. You have to expect them to be fanatical, in short.

political blogs across the country will be inundated with cut-and-paste, non-sequitur, spam-like rants from fanatical, OCD paulbots for the next 18 months.

Wish I'd said that.

Oh my God! You're AWESOME!

If thats what you thought then you seem to be proud too be ignorant. Reagan said that at the core of conservatism is libertarianism.

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