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Because I was watching a mediocre movie, although with great music (Crossroads), I didn't get the word until about half an hour after President Obama's announcement.  Then couldn't sleep, just watched for incoming reports and reactions for many hours.  Details aside, this is good.  A foreign born friend said this morning, "These Americans, you can't wrong them and expect to get away with it.  They will come after you until they get you.  I'm in awe of you people."  President Obama made the right decision not to bomb the place, but rather have an American shoot him in the head.  Good for him, good for us.  The event--how planned, carried out, and so on--reveals much about both our capacities and our character as a people.  The public rejoicing was also revealing--from West Point, to Ground Zero, to Washington--mostly the young were expressing spontaneous joy, but then another camera to soldiers in a camp in Afghanistan upon hearing of bin Laden's death.  No cheering, no noise, no fear.  Quiet sobriety from men at work.  Impressive.  You Americans are a towering and thrilling people and you will be remembered for that and the things for which you stand.  May the good Lord keep you.
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Crossroads??!! Mr. Schramm, I never would have guessed you could be a fan of Britney's music. Not my cup of tea, but to each his own:

I still don't get why you insist on referring to Americans in the second-person voice. As far as I know, you are an American yourself.

As for your foreign-born friend saying
"These Americans, you can't wrong them and expect to get away with it. They will come after you until they get you. I'm in awe of you people."

Surely there must have been similar pontifications about/among "these Jihadists" after the WTC towers fell; equally proud, no doubt. And it can't be denied that when they came after and got us with such a horrific spectacle of death, they did it with less loss of life for their team and on an exponentially smaller budget.

Good riddance to Bin Laden, but I'm doubting this will change anything positively in the long-term - no more than a similarly-celebrated college bowl victory does.

An excellent soundtrack, and an entertaining, if mediocre, movie. Craig, you are soooooooooo smart!

(Yeah, I know Fred - it was a joke. Do you think that Stephen Colbert is a hardcore conservative, too?)

There are at least 5 films titled "Crossroads."

That soundtrack sounds okay, but not amazing; far from a highlight in Ry Cooder's discography.

I'd be much more interested in this film and its soundtrack:

It involves a macho nuclear explosion, so you manly-man obsessives might get into it, too.

Oh yeah, forgot this - a review of the other soundtrack.

Nothing I'd go out of my way to track down and buy:

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