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Obama's Friends and Enemies in the Middle East

The text of Obama's latest Middle-East speech is here. NRO has a roundup of reactions, all generally negative. The most infamous bit relates to Israel:

The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines....

Obama has long been accused of kowtowing to America's enemies while betraying our friends. This policy reversal on Israeli security - rejecting Israeli security while promoting Palestinians' "right to return" - surely fuels the fires of such accusations.

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spoke the truth and no man can solve all the world problems, can only suggest but it is up to all Nations their Leaders to deal with their own serious problems and bring change about. Going on for a long long time and nothing other Pres did not give voice to , concern to, or have not ever said.

78% of the Jewish population in the US that are registered voters, voted for Obama in 2008. It will be interesting to see their reaction in 2012. Time will tell.

The quote in your post does not relate to the "right of return," which has to do with allowing the descendants of Palestinian refugees of the 1947-49 war to return to Israel/Palestine, not with borders between Israel and a future Palestinian state. In fact, implementation of the right of return would negate Israel's existence as a Jewish state, rendering borders irrelevant.

In 2012, Obama's percentage of the Jewish vote will drop to about 60-65%. That's it. I doubt that there will be any severe drop in the amount of money he gets from Jews, either. Most Jews either are as anti-Israel as Obama or else are so attached to the Democrats that they will delude themselves into believing that he is trying to save Israel from itself.

On this one, our president has virtually gone nuts. Best-case scenario is that he (foolishly) thinks taking this extreme position will allow him so bargaining room later on.

But I vote totally detached from reality here, and with no-one even trying to get through to him on it. Scary.

Why the surprise? Helping the Arabs take over has always been his main goal.

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