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Pawlenty-Bachmann 2012

- Justin Paulette, May 25, 2011

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And I further wager that Pawlenty gets attacked primarily for cutting social services and welfare, while Bachmann gets the Palin treatment and is simply personally attacked as an imbecile.

The GOP win by three and a half percent.

Bad idea. The vice presidency is a poorly conceived position that ought to be abolished. However, if you are going to have an understudy, the understudy better be prepared to step into the part. Mrs. Palin has the executive experience and Mrs. Bachmann does not. (It is difficult to imagine either being well adapted to the position of second banana).

ditto deco--and there is the electoral college problem

Not to mention the minor Constitutional complications of having both candidates from the same state.

Twelth Amendment:

"The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves..."

It can still happen and it is perfectly legitimate, but it will be harder for the ticket to get elected. Minnesota - asuming they would go for the two - would have to forfeit their votes for Pawlenty or Bachmann.

As a prediction it is a quite plausible pick Justin.

It does suffer the double Minnesota. But it has all the strength of continuing old lines of play (a sort of echo of 2008, albeit Palwenty is fresher.). Bring on the Palin meme. But it is way too gimmicky. It is better for the media complex, and the forces of intellectual obscurity.

But for that same reason it is an idiot ticket, its dialectical opposite of sorts would be a Romney/Huntsman ticket.

Romney/Huntsman suffers from the double Mormon, which potentially is more fatal than the double Minnesota. But with BYU as just about the only major University in America that would bench a star basketball player for pre-marital sex with a fiance, the Mormon's have a less "copyright/faux" social conservatism. In addition no one questions the integrity or seriousness of either Romney or Huntsman.

So Romney-Huntsman 2012, Obama stole our policies! Vote for us to prevent the intellectual break down of political catagories in the face of 24/7 media myths and exagerations. Be Free, and Climb the wall of worry.

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