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Sarah Barracuda

Why is a woman so politically astute ridiculed as stupid?  She kicks off her tour of America via Rolling Thunder
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You are suggesting her political acumen is verified by the "Rolling Thunder" tour?

It is a good move for a populist/conservative political campaign. Can you imagine any other candidate for the presidency looking even remotely comfortable in that setting? Romney? Pawlenty? Ha! She looks like she is having fun.

If modern politics is about identity, she is building an identity with this and can be expected to continue playing to this (very American) consituency. Political commentators paint her as a biker-girl type, anyway. The way for her to win is through popularity in the sense of "intended for or suited to the taste or means of the general public. >(of a belief or attitude) widely held among the general public." She is going to catch Americans through their values and on an emotional level. She is astute.

It's an instance of it: At least one network Sunday a.m. political opinion show expressed befuddlement that there was no bus, no venue for Sarah's planned DC tour kick-off. Had they really thought about it they could have figured it out. Is Sarah better at politics than planning events? Could be.

The left is convinced every Republican that has won the White House is a dunce or a crook. And any serious candidate immediately gets the same treatment.

But how is it that these dunces seem to get the best these democrat geniuses? I guess it's one of those mysteries the left will never figure out.

Sarahcuda drives the left nuts (of course most of them are already there), but she does it with grace and charm. She looks right at home on a Harley and right at home speaking to elitist media. It is understandable why she is so hated by the left. I bet if one of the motorcycles broke down she and Todd could fix it.

"I bet if one of the motorcycles broke down she and Todd could fix it."

Oh, absolutely. They could fix it, and they would fix it... with a machine gun and an axe. And their pet grizzly bear could help.

The smartest thing that Palin does - along with plenty of help from her fan club - is play that victim card non-stop.

"Why is she ridiculed? Why do people pick on her? Why do they call her stupid? Why don't they leave her alone?"

Someone so astute should have completed her term as governor.

Some people have nothing of value to say, and they seem never to tire of saying it.

Craig: I do not like Sarah Palin (stepping down as governor in pursuit of reality TV does not a statesman make, IMHO), but I do not think she plays the victim card. She gets crucified by the media over things other politicians get away with on a regular basis. Vice President Joe Biden says objectively stupid things on a regular basis with no consequences, for instance.

ALL: I understand how this will help her with her base, but that's never been a problem. Personal issues aside, the problem is that she is a hyperpolarizing political figure, and the people who aren't already supporting her aren't going to change their mind when she rides through town on a motorcycle. I'm desperately hoping that SarahPAC is a fundraising blitz and not a genuine run for the nomination.

Of course you are right - it would take a community organizer to the fix the motorcyle.....

(stepping down as governor in pursuit of reality TV does not a statesman make, IMHO)

She was quite explicit about why she felt compelled to resign. An anomaly in the ethics law regarding public officials allowed miscellaneous political opponents to file costless complaints against her. There were 14 separate complaints, nearly all of them frivolous. The legal fees which were a function of fielding these complaints left her and her husband six figures in debt. Supporters of Gov. Palin attempted to set up a legal defense fund to assist her and the result was another ethics complaint. She named the dollar value of her debts in her resignation speech. Gov. Parnell and the legislature should fix the bloody law. In the interim, it is a bit rich for people (who do not listen) to go about saying that to be a statesman a middle aged married couple with five children (one of whom will be a dependant all his life) need to be working off massive legal bills.

AD, hope you and yours are doing okay.

As I was - she's a modern day Hamilton.

She's got what it takes where it matters. Being brainy is a leftist hobgoblin -- didn't seem to help Wilson, Kennedy or Clinton. Instincts are what matter, and Sarah has got the pulse of Red America.

Do I think she can win? Probably not, but I think she'll sure liven up the race. You go, girl!

She's mocked because she's a moron gripped by the belief that she's not.

Well, Craig, compared to the likes of Joe Biden I think she's a genius. And I truly wonder how many prominent liberal politicians would know the exact Revere story.

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