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Brutality is paying off in Syria, where the government claims to be close to crushing the rebellion, while Libyan rebels are apparently gaining ground in the wake of continued NATO airstrikes. Ships upon the Mediterranean are being urged to watch for unseaworthy vessels after a ship carrying 600 refugees broke apart off the coast of Tripoli. The longer strife in the region continues, the more people on every side will suffer - if only someone with power and authority would demonstrate leadership and hasten an end to the conflicts.
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"Arab Spring" my ass. Let's stop calling it that until we know IF they are democratically-inclined.

Redwald: Democratic inclinations don't interest me nearly as much as theocratic inclinations. They are not mutually exclusive.

Mr. Paulette: 1) Is getting involved in our interests? (I'm not being facetious, I am, however, pessimistic), 2) If yes, it seems that "hastening an end" means commiting to using overwhelming force to decively defeat the Qaddafi forces. This could unfold in several ways. Are you going to back President Obama if planes start going down to AA fire or if he sends in American troops to secure rebel strongholds? Again, my intent is not to be facetious or rhetorical but rather point out the complications which incline me towards not encouraging an expedition back to the shores of Tripoli - 1stLt O'Bannon had a lot more freedom of action when he made the trip.

Let us not leave out the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood in on the rise in Egypt. An undisputable fact. One boohoo'd by some of the regulars on this board a few months back.....

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