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The Epic of Strauss-Kahn

The French have made a bid to replace their fallen countryman at the IMF with another of their own. Nothing to see here, according to the French, just move right along.

While many in the EU (particularly France) reflect on this international incident as merely an opportunity to criticize the American justice system, some American writers are contemplating the event as a social commentary on the state of modern Europe. According to Ross Douthat at the NY Times:

In the hands of the right screenwriter, Strauss-Kahn's arrest could be the central thread in one of those sprawling, complex, kaleidoscope-of-globalization movies that aspire to Oscar glory. Think "Traffic" or "Syriana," "Crash" or "Babel": the kind of movie that leapfrogs around the planet, shifting from place to place and perspective to perspective in an effort to bring an entire Big Issue into focus.

Instead of the war on drugs or race relations in Los Angeles, though, the subject of this movie would be the potential collapse of the European Union.


no creative mind could have dreamed up an allegation better calculated to vindicate the perception that today's Eurocrats are just a version of the old European aristocracy -- exercising droit du seigneur in high-priced hotel rooms while they wait to catch a first-class flight to Paris.

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Seems to me the reason we probably won't see a serious work (from what passes as the artistic crowd) on the serious (and obvious pertinent) subject of the basic fraudulence/failure of European-style trans-national progressivism is that you can't spell the phrase "intellectual dishonesty" without the word "intellectual".

The French have Strauss-Kahn and we have the Kennedy Klan. Not much difference in either one. Elistists, rapists, and literally lady killers.

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