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Remember when Democrats accused Republicans - particularly George W. Bush - of abusing their authority, defying the law and governing illegally? Of course, that was all just hyperbole - only the most fanatical and unhinged actually believed Bush or his ilk had actually broken the law. But Democrats demagogued and won elections on the promise of reversing these lawless trends.

Well, now Democrats are violating their own interpretation of lawful behavior as well as defying objective legal standards in every branch of government they control. First, as Robinson notes below, President Obama is engaged in an illegal war by his own standards and has now violated the War Powers Resolution. Second, Senate Democrats have not passed (or even proposed) a budged in over two years - a clear and blatent violation of the law which Harry Reid flippantly disregards. There can be no greater examples of prioritizing politics above the law than waging an unauthorized war and refusing to address fundamental fiscal responsibilities during an economic crisis.

Democrats are largely unfit to govern on account of their morally bankrupt, ever-expanding government policies - but their unsuitableness for democratic responsibilities is also well reflected in their disregard for the rule of law

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An excellent post. Well said.

A predictably moronic post, poorly said, and appealing only to those thoughtless enough to clap their fat hands on hearing that "Democrats are largely unfit to govern" and whose prejudiced and narrow point of view, usually informed by their imaginary friend in the sky, makes them think that anyone who disagrees with their asinine assumptions is necessarily - NECESSARILY - "morally bankrupt."

Sometimes you people beggar belief.

How many NCLB waivers did the Bush Administration grant? Didn't Democrats like the Honorable Mrs. Clinton and Sen John Kerry and majorities in the House and Senate vote for the force authorization in Iraq? How many reporters were kept in broom closets during fundraising events or blacklisted for video taping protestors under the Bush Administration?

There are precedents being set, Mr. One, that are not reconcilable for an administration that ran against the alleged abuses of the Bush Administration - such as arbitrarily waging war, for instance.


1. Now, why did they not pass a budget when they held 60% of the seats in both houses of Congress? and

2. Why did they give priority in 2009 to bills on financing medical care in lieu of a bill on reconstructing the regulatory architecture governing banking, insurance, and capital markets? Mr. Paulson recommended legislation in 2008. When they finally got 'round to enacting something, it was a thousand page monstrosity constructed of dialogues between lobbyists in Bwaney Fwank's office. And, no surprise, it creates a board to address systemic risk with all sorts of discretionary power (more 'waivers'), leaves the Democratic Party's preferred subsidy conduits in place, and does nothing to dismantle the troublesome megabanks. There is a reason Jamie Dimon is a registered Democrat.

Justin, I sincerely hope that you consider running for POTUS in 2012.

As I've said before, the Left worships POWER and nothing else. They will lie, cheat, steal, and promise anything to gain and retain control, and the purpose of that control is more control. They are the totalitarians among us, and we are foolish to expect anything like principled behavior from them.

I am pretty sure he is too young, 30-31 (unless he never shows his birth certificate:)

But there is an even better choice on NLT. Pete should run,( he might also be under 35) because with Daniels gone there is no more reason to talk about being Ryanish!

All you need is a single issue to hammer(health care), and hope Romney hits you with an attack ad.

A couple Romney attack ads and you could be polling 10%, with a much better forum for your policy preferences.

Run Pete, Run!


I hope that the Democrats continue their complete disregard for the rule of law. It will not work out well for them in the end. It never does.

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