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The Universe as Divider, Not Uniter

As if there wasn't enough division in the world, the universe has now been exposed as lending to the problem. According to NASA: Dark Energy Is Driving Universe Apart.

A five-year survey of 200,000 galaxies, stretching back seven billion years in cosmic time, has led to one of the best independent confirmations that dark energy is driving our universe apart at accelerating speeds.

It's a bad day for gravity, which is now repulsive rather than attractive at great distances, and a good day for dark energy, which comprises 96% of the universe along with dark matter (reserving a mere 4% for normal matter - including everything made of atoms).

Worse yet, this inequality on the part of the universe's dark components is only getting worse. Environmentalists should take heed:

Observations by astronomers over the last 15 years have produced one of the most startling discoveries in physical science; the expansion of the universe, triggered by the big bang, is speeding up.

That is, there will be more dark bits of the universe and even less atomic bits. What's global warming compared to galactic expansion? We need to immediately take drastic action to stop the universe from growing and perpetuating inequality. It's the poorest galaxies which will be most negatively affected, after all.

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And dark matter and dark energy are what, exactly? Theoretical physics has a lot in common with metaphysics. I'll wait until someone has an actual empirical handle on all this.

Think the use of the term "confirms that dark energy exists" in the title of the article is too strongly worded. The survey continues to support the notion of dark energy given our current understanding of gravitational theory. Unfortunately that theory is not well understood over cosmological distances. Dark energy was a contrivance by cosmologists to fit with what they saw and their understanding of gravity. Who knows, as our understanding of gravity improves or simply changes, the invented contrivance may one day prove unnecessary.

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