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Unwilling to trade fortune and fame for a public salary, Donald Trump has bowed out of the presidential race. Trump was always more of a side-show distraction than a serious option in the eyes of most Republicans, but he garnered a good amount of attention, affected the field (Obama finally revealed his birth certificate) and provided a bit of insight into popular sentiments. One shouldn't ignore the fact that Trump lead in many GOP presidential polls. This may not have translated into an actual electoral victory, but it reveals that voters were attracted to a non-political businessman willing to speak his mind (even when they were not altogether persuaded by everything that he said).

People are still hungry for change. Obama promised change and was elected on that account, but he failed to deliver. As a result, people were willing to entertain the prospect of a TV entertainer as president. They want anything but the status quo. Republicans should be mindful of this lesson, and thankful to Trump for stirring up the pot.

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"People are hungry for change."

What they are really hungry for is a savior, someone to swoop down and save the day. Well, that usually doesn't happen, so they just need to get over it, roll up the sleeves, and figure out how to keep their Republic by getting their precious little hands dirty. No more pat answers and no more pat solutions.

They don't have to join the local party, they don't have to show up at town council meetings, but they better start reintegrating themselves into their local community, and start acting like owners than renters, because I think it has been overwhelmingly shown the guys they've been voting in as the "super" over the years just aren't able to fix much on their own, for whatever reason (and many valid).

Well said. Bravo. Agree.

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