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This post should help Herman Cain talk about Middle East issues as it relates to current Israeli-Palestinian disputes.  It isn't really a substitute for having thought things through, but it is probably enough to get past an interview with David Gregory on a Sunday morning.  And isn't that the most important thing? Cain also seems to be planning to tell us his Afghanistan strategy sometime after he is elected President (before the end of his first term I hope.)  Softball interviews on ideologically friendly opinion-oriented programs (even if they are labeled news) are lousy preparation for the questions and scrutiny you get when running for President.  Good for Chris Wallace.
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"Cain also seems to be planning to tell us his Afghanistan strategy sometime after he is elected President (before the end of his first term I hope.) "

I bet that Cain will tell us his strategy long before Obama and Romeny tell us their strategy. Obama clearly does not have one (even though he has access to information that none of us have) and Romeny is keeping his strategy a secret (I bet it is because he doesn't have one neither). More importantly, however, Cain has a clear answer on Obamacare and RomenyCare - get rid of it. Romeny is still trying to defend his healthcare disaster in Mass which is the same healthcare disaster we now know as Obamacare.

If you missed the whole Cain/Wallace interview, you might be well informed by the following exchange between Cain and Wallace regarding Israel and the Terrorists Palenstinians:

I am paraphrasing the exchange:

Wallace: “What will President Cain offer the Palestinians to come back to the table?”

Cain: “I’d offer them nothing!“, after which he went on to point out that the Palestinians have been fundamentally acting in bad faith for decades now, and how matters like that should be left to the Israelis and Palestinians, who, you know, are the ones actually doing the negotiating!

Cain also pointed out that the best the US can do is facilitate such negotiation.

When do you think Romeny will give us a clear answer on the healthcare disaster he created in Mass?

We have no hope of defeating the Left unless the conservative base shakes its addiction to empty-headed, feel-good, know-nothing, cliche-spouting gimmick candidates primarily interested in launching careers as as broadcasting hosts or motivational speakers. Time to grow up.

cowgirl, there is a link to the full interview above.

Obama came out for increasing the number of American troops in Afghanistan during the 2008 election and he has implemented and explained his strategy since (as have his various subordinates.) Now you could probably write books on why you think his strategy is unsatisfactory to you. You could probably contrive to call him a bus driver on every page. But there is no erasing the reality that Obama has told us his Afghanistan strategy. Like it or don't.

I can't remember Romney making a substantive comment about his policy preferences on Afghanistan this year. I don't remember his suggesting that we will have to wait until after he is elected President before he shares his policy preferences on Afghanistan. If he does follow Cain in this way, I will be among the first to mock him.

You are right that Cain condemned the Palestinians. That is why it was so funny when he indicated confidence that Israel would accede to a maximalist Palestinian demand that would destroy Israel as a Jewish state.

You'll have to look elsewhere for a defense of Romney.

Obama's original strategy in the 2008 election was to get out of Afghanistan. I am sure he lied about that in order to get his base to elect him. Once in office he change his strategy from proclaiming he would remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan to following the Bush Doctrine. So really what his is stragtegy? To lie in order to get elected. Lying is not a strategy, it is a political game.

Romeny has made no comments that I know of about Afghanistan. He most likely has none.

You also might want to shame Chris Wallace as his statement to Cain about kicking the Palestinians out of Israel in 1948 was completely wrong. War by the Arabs against Israel forced them out - they were not "kicked out."

Again, when do you think Romeny will give us a clear statement on his failed healthcare program in Mass. As of this date, he continues to defend it.

cowgirl, you're wrong on Obama and Afghanistan.

I think I remember Romney supporting Obama's counterinsurgency strategy when Obama first announced it, while attacking the timetable. As far as I can tell, he has been keeping quiet about it lately. I still don't remember him saying anything as silly as we should wait until he is elected to hear his proposed policies for an ongoing war. If he does, I promise to mock.

Wallace used a very partisan description of the population movements resulting from the 1948 war. I'm surprised Cain didn't call him on it.

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