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What's Going on with Panetta?

Leon Panetta has come out of the Osama hit stronger than ever.  The president had already indicated that Panetta was his choice to succeed Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, but now I wonder if he isn't up to something bigger.  Why, for instance, would he make a point of saying that "enhanced interrogation techniques"--waterboarding explicitly among them--yielded vital information that helped to track Osama down?  Given that his own administration has repeatedly denounced such methods, characterizing them as torture, such a statement is curious, to say the least.  Panetta also all but promised that photographs of Osama would be released, only to be overruled by the president.  Is this a sign of trouble?  Finally, what are we to make of this, which alleges that Obama--influenced by Valerie Jarrett--dithered at the critical moment, and that it was in fact Panetta who made the actual call to take out Osama.  I don't know a thing about the site, which in fact looks rather sketchy; it seems, for example, to have an odd fascination with theories regarding the end of the world, so maybe it's mere crackpottery.  Whether it's true or not, though, surely Panetta's recent behavior is noteworthy, particularly given his longtime connection to the Clintons.  This could be something well worth following.
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Wow! If the SociBerty piece turns out to be anything even resembling the true background story, it's a bombshell. It also seems like one of those stories that's too good to be true... it fits almost too well a certain stereotype of Obama as a chronically indecisive politician, avoiding risk whenever possible, and merely voting "present."

Scanning through some of the other articles on SociBerty, they do seem to have an awful lot of what one might call lunatic-fringe stories. There might be some grains of truth there, but credibility has to be rated pretty low without other corroboration.

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