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Hope and Change at the New York Times?

Stop the presses! Hope and change same at the New York Times:  Jill Abramson has been announced as the replacement for executive editor Bill Keller.  Even if she weren't a lefty, this comment tells you about all you need to know: "[I]n my house growing up, The Timessubstituted for religion."

Couldn't have stated the problem better myself.

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"[I]n my house growing up, The Times substituted for religion. That's because with the salary my parents made, we couldn't afford to get Pravda translated daily..."

Abramson coauthored this error-riddled attack on Clarence Thomas:
We can expect even more of the same from the paper of record.

Gray Lady sinking further down.

She has actually written five books.

1. The Puppy Diaries, A memoir of traning her dog.

2. The captions on a book of reproduced images of NYT front pages

3. Strange Justice, The aforementioned book about Clarence Thomas

4. Obama: the historic journey

5. Where they are now : the story of the women of Harvard Law 1974

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Uh ... whereas you'd all be leaping around joyfully over anyone who said that "religion substituted for thoughtful consideration of the objective facts of the case," particularly a president (haaaay W), right?

(Note: I'm not claiming that The Times offers "thoughtful consideration of the objective facts of the case," but it's a lot closer to that than most of the crap that gets spewed around here, wouldn't you say? Oh, wait, no, you wouldn't.)

Or, in Hayward's case, "ideological posturing and shilling for the oil companies substituted for anything approaching careful analysis."

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