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From WaPo:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) announced Monday night that she has filed the necessary paperwork to run for the presidency in 2012.

Bachmann is likely to be the most surprising candidate in the next election. I continue to augur that she'll end up as the GOP VP candidate - and play a kingmaker role between Pawlenty and Romney (ultimately opting for the former).

Many will call it Palin Redux - and the media will hope to smear her with the same shameful efficiency. I hope she hones her rhetorical skills. As far as I've seen, she's not yet equal to the task of crossing swords with a malicious media. But dismiss her popularity and potential at your own risk. I suspect she'll play a historic role in the election.

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The woman has remarkable energy and self-confidence (the foster parenting, &c). I do not think I am taking any risks in pointing out that a lapsed tax lawyer who has spent a half-dozen years as a back bench federal legislator is not prepared for the office and should not run.

They all will tell us what is wrong with Obama but not tell us what PLAN they would favor that would put America back to work or sue up the economy. Because they do not have one except for gays, and women's reproductive issues what? We need the health plan and so far because of Obama collage men and women can be on their parents health care until they are 26.this saves money because the do not have to use emergency rooms when sick. With the cost of education sky high students will be protected. It can work but not with the party of no. and hell no. So far what jobs bills have been put on the floor by the house controlled by the GOP??? .If any one could point to one (positive) thing that was done since the new congress it might be a talking point. When you point a finger at someone three point back at you. The effort by the conservati¬ves and the GOP seems to take away rights, and put their religious dogma into law.

After reading this, I genuinely hope that she does run:

and actually, it's tempting to hope that she'd win.

Don't worry about the "lamestream media" and their efforts to smear her (i.e. ask her questions about her ideas and politics). She'll probably just go Palin and then some, and refuse to speak to any media outlet or interviewer that isn't a registered member of her fan club and/or a contributor to her campaign.

Here's some "smearing" of Bachmann.

This site has the audacity to point out that she has made many factually incorrect statements. Ooooh, the nerve!!!

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