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Morocco's Living Constitution

Jennifer Rubin calls attention to a "historic event" in Morocco:

...a new "landmark" constitution guaranteeing equality for women, empowering an elected parliament and chief executive, and mandating an independent judiciary was rolled out.

A sensible observer of international affairs, Rubin quotes CNN and hopefully observes:

As CNN reported: "[The king's] actions followed a series of unprecedented protests in this North African modern Muslim country, where street protests are normally tolerated by the state, unlike in most other Arab countries."The speech delivered by King Mohammed VI provided a detailed description of a new constitution that will be put to a national vote on July 1. One Moroccan observer said the new government structure was similar to Spain -- a monarch remains, but power is devolved to a democratically elected parliament, protections for minorities and women are concretized, and powers are spread to the judiciary, the parliament and to local government.

The document, and the king's speech in support of it, have garnered due praise. However, as Rubin notes, "the devil is always in the details." Pajamas Media posits a more hesitant and reserved assessment:

Jennifer Rubin thinks we've just seen a number of myths about Islam "explode."  It would be nice, for a change, to be able to associate that sort of explosion with Islam instead of the kind we've gotten used to.  Perhaps she's right.  Being a cautious chap, I think I'll hold off celebrating for while.

While the language of Morocco's constitution is promising, it's quite possible that the original, or textual, interpretation we are presently assuming will evolve as the living document is interpreted by the king and his minions. As with all things Arab Spring, it's a wait and see proposal.

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