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Romney's Newest Problem

As if Romney didn't have enough problems with the albatross of his heath care position, last week he dug himself a fresh hole by unthinkingly embracing the failing conventional wisdom on climate change.  Hugh Hewitt, who likes Romney, made a shout out on his blog for me to do a primer on the subject and post it on Powerline, which is what I have done this morning.  It's a two-cup-of-coffee post, under the old NLT format.

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Romney better make up his mind - he cannot have two religions - Mormon and Environmentalist and he can't be against Obamacare for for Romeny care.

It is kind of like being married and sending pictures of your shortcomings to young umarried women on twitter.

Cowgirl strikes again! Well said. By the way, I thought I had figured out your identity a little while ago, but turned out to be wrong. Want to give me any hints?

You were wrong? Wow I guess everyone can't be like me and right all the time. I jest with you. I actually enjoy your postings here and my favorite blog Powerline.

I am curious - why?


I happened to run across a smartly done blog ( done by someone describing herself as "a California political cowgirl," and thought, "gotcha." Except I didn't.

"I happened to run across a smartly done blog ( done by someone describing herself as "a California political cowgirl," and thought, "gotcha.""

Steve - Here's an example of the writing from that blog; does this really read even remotely like the cowgirl that hangs out here at NLT?:

"I was enticed originally by the RNC’s debt picture being an incentive to this newly proposed program. It relates to my whole study area of unfederaling, an interdisciplinary research focus which looks at the new roles entities will assume within a decentralization -and lessening- of federal government’s influence. My initial question on this topic was, “what will the federal government consider when faced with enormous debt and deficit, that would not ever be on the table otherwise?”

The answer continuously came back to ways to shift responsibility. To change the structures in ways that tapped new resources/alliances on a peer level."

No. No, it doesn't.

And you may have missed Romney, but I see that you got Santorum under your spell:

You are right that is not me. I am a real cowgirl (have had horses all my life) . I am a product of watching my native Golden State of California slide into the crapper over the past 40 years due to liberalism. I have watched the dream turn into a nightmare or much more appropriate the mental illness spread like wildfire here. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that California is sliding down the slippery slope and all the king's horses and all the king;s men ain't gonna be able to put it back together. Reality bites.

I am a huge fan of Victor David Hansen. I see what he sees in Caliornia because we both live in the Central Valley which stretches from Marysville all the way down to Bakersfield. The devastation of California's liberalism is destroying the whole area. The Central Valley is in a neck to neck horse race with Detroit in who can get to the bottom of the slippery slope first. It is very sad indeed.

Have a great weekend.


Steven, you should go to DC right away and set up some kind of lemonade stand teach-in for all good Tea Party patriots (102 degrees in early June - those wearing tri-corner hats, powdered wigs, and Founding Father costumes might develop a serious thirst) and you could call out Romney on his error and share the Koch-funded Truth about the hoax of global warming. Set up right in front of the "evil" EPA HQ! Maybe you could even get Sen. Inhofe (he of the igloo-as-political-statement) to step out of his air-conditioned office to offer a few supporting words, as well. Yeah, that's the ticket (Jon Lovitz reference!!).

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