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The Kind of People at NBC

NBC covered the US Open today and edited the words "under God" from a children's recital of the Pledge of Allegiance at the commencement of the game. Following severe criticism, they've issued a bland and intentionally unconvincing apology.

It's not surprising from leftist media such as NBC, but another reminder of their true colors. Imagine the kind of people in journalism who decide to conduct this sort of ridiculous censorship. Imagine the breathless, hysterical reaction of these same people at NBC if Fox News edited and censored coverage of a national event so as to exclude mention of homosexuals, racial minorities or any other progressively-favored sub-group.

It would be a tiresome, full time job to document all of the hypocrisy committed by the left-wing media (or just NBC, for that matter), but from time to time it's good to remind ourselves of the kind of unprincipled, radical and loathsome people who deliver much of our news.

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Yea, completely uncalled-for, and transparently leftist. Nonetheless, year and year, the Lefty establishment will deny any bias (as Jon Stewart recently did on Chris Wallace's FOX News show), and foolish "moderates" will believe them to some extent.

Unfortunately, this is trajectory that we--with the help of the Supreme Court--have been on for a long time. Justice Thomas said as much in his concurrence in the Newdow case. This is just a logical fulfillment of the Court's Religion Clause jurisprudence.

Most hilariously predictable post of the year, thus far on NLT. I actually won a $10 bet on it. Thanks, Justin.

But really, who watches the US Open for the golf, anyway?

I watch it for the military parades, the conservative evangelical and Catholic sermons on the hot-button issues of the day, and of course, the 3 Minutes of Hate for Mozlems! More private golf courses and country clubs, no mosques in America! Heretics and atheists not welcome in Our Country! USA1, Go Team, Go!

Questions: Why wasn't FoxNews on a TV in that classroom? Where was the cross on the wall? Why isn't there a picture of Pope Benedict on the wall, as well as an Israeli flag? Also, why didn't the kids finish the pledge with the words "born and unborn."???

Fun from Wikipedia:

"Bellamy designed it to be recited in 15 seconds. As a socialist, he had initially also considered using the words equality and fraternity[6] but decided against it - knowing that the state superintendents of education on his committee were against equality for women and African Americans."

Silly Francis!

Conservative lesson for the day: U.S. History began in 1954, when Ronald Reagan wrote the Pledge of Allegiance, with the Pope and John Wayne (wearing his Green Beret uniform!) by his side. The first recital of the Pledge also concluded with Wayne giving a rousing speech against socialism in any form, and concluding with "...and the only good Commie is a dead Commie!"

Did someone posting on this blog attend the Liberal Convention in Marin "Hot Tubs & Cocaine Capital of the World" County. Sure looks like it, because we see by their posting that they have come up with slew of brand new ideas to help their party's new look.

Prozac anyone?

If I was NBC, I might have done the same.

Very predictable post attempting to obfuscate the issue with plenty of sarcasm and red herrings all the while ignoring the central fact of the post. I'd win $20 if I bothered betting anyone over the predictability of your post.

"...attempting to obfuscate the issue.."

What issue?

NBC Sports - a private entity as far as I know, a subsidiary of General Electric - was running some kind of uber-patriotic introduction to a golf game, giving the appearance that it was all but a production of The Pentagon. They interspersed the kids reciting the pledge with images of soldiers engaged in a flag-raising ceremony next to the Washington Monument and other DC landmarks as well as...the Congressional Country Club golf course.

The kids were apparently reciting the pre-1954 version of The Pledge. Since the U.S. Open goes back 100 years, perhaps this was a tribute to the historical aspect of this particular game? I jest, of course.

It was a promotion for their golf broadcast - it was, for all intents and purposes, an advertisement. Where are the people taking offense that they were using the US flag and the (pre-1954) Pledge to sell their entertainment product (i.e. get viewers)? At least that kind of more sober ("old school"?) patriotism I could have some respect for. But I can't really take seriously the shrill, self-parodying, FoxNation, idiocratic, get-your-government-out-of-my-medicare sort that's so sadly dominant today.

Anyone who watches golf ads on TV (snoozeville, anyone?) for the purpose of religious or patriotic inspiration or stimulation is a pathetic person who, sorry, needs to get a life. Those who watched this intro and were doing anything other than adjusting their couch pillow or getting a beer - say, placing their hand over their heart while making a remark about Kenyan-born Obama, and reciting the pledge along with the kids in the promo - really need to get over themselves. You'll critique the game intro for conservative religious correctness, but be honest, you'll fall asleep before they reach the 8th hole.

America is not to be found at the Congressional Country Club... for God's sake.

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