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Wal-Mart Wins One For Liberty

I previously wrote about the class-action sex-discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart. I sensed that it was another frivolous attack by leftist puppets, manipulated by union bosses, attempting to score political points thought judicial fiat. I was right.

The Supreme Court has ruled for Wal-Mart in its fight to block a massive sex discrimination lawsuit on behalf of women who work there.

The court ruled unanimously Monday that the lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores Inc. cannot proceed as a class action, reversing a decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The lawsuit could have involved up to 1.6 million women, with Wal-Mart facing potentially billions of dollars in damages. 

The full text of the ruling is here.

The liberal wing did dissent, in part - de facto arguing for a gender quota in order to ensure equal representation in management. Of course, the disparate proportion of male-to-female managers was not shown to be the result of discrimination of any sort. The infamous 9th Circuit and liberal judges on the Supreme Court simply want to create a world of their choosing through judicial coercion. This is an abuse of their public trust and a degradation of democracy. Wal-Mart scored a victory for American liberty today.

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The important fact in this case is whose ruling was overturned again? The Ninth District Circus of Clowns located in the Stupid CIty (SF) in the Stupid State (CA). Does anyone see a pattern here. Eighty five percent of their rulings are overturned by the Supreme Court. These socialist joksters cost the taxpayers millions of dollars with their dope-filled ideology.

And people in California wonder why everyone else in the 49 states wish for a big earthquake to drop the whole state into the ocean. Or at least maybe sell San Francisco and Berkeley to the Russians....

my comment probably won't appear on here, but this article has a very right-sided biased

this is a bullsh*t article, socialsim FTW!!!!!!

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