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Gunrunning Scandal Grows

As the investigation into the secret gunrunning operation Fast and Furious continues to inch closer and closer to Attorney General Eric Holder's guilt, it has been revealed that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) sent over 1,000 additional weapons to criminals in Honduras. MS-13 is a terribly organized and murderous gang with operations stretching from El Salvador to Los Angeles, responsible for killing cops and innocents throughout the Americas. As we armed Mexican drug cartels with Operation Fast and Furious, now we have allegedly armed MS-13 in Honduras with Operation Castaway. If the reports on this second gunrunning mission are true, then the Department of Justice has knowingly let thousands of weapons slip into the hands of criminal enterprises known for wanton murder, drug trafficking, modern day human slavery, political assassinations, and general terrorism.

Congressional Democrats are attempting to turn this illegal operation into an excuse to call for harsher gun restrictions within the United States, while Congressional Republicans led by Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) are seeking to get to the bottom of the scandal and find out who among the highest echelons of the Justice Department knew of Fast and Furious. Right now, President Obama is standing by his Attorney General, who has claimed that he neither knew of nor authorized the gunrunning scheme. ATF's Acting Director, Kenneth Mellon, is set to appear before a Senate committee investigating the issue later this month, and if it is anything like his previous comments to Congress, President Obama may very well have to start distancing himself from Eric Holder, whom Congressman Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley have accused of blocking their investigation.

As whistleblower Peter Forcelli, an ATF agent, said: "We weren't giving guns to people who are hunting bears. We were giving guns to people who were killing other humans." There really is little difference between our government giving weapons to cartels in the Americas and the Iranian government arming militants in the Middle East. The intentions may very well have been different, but the means and the actual ends were not. All involved must be held accountable, and Congress should not let up in its investigation, even in the midst of this debt crisis. I do not believe that President Obama had knowledge of the operation, but it very much seems like Eric Holder must have. The Attorney General should be subpoenaed and his records checked.
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Again, this scandal and the one about to explode involving ex-Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico will shutdown Obama's chances for re-election. I wonder if Hillary is waiting in the wings....

*Congressional Democrats are attempting to turn this illegal operation into an excuse to call for harsher gun restrictions within the United States*

If guns become criminal, only international drug-running gangsters armed by the Obama administration will have guns.

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