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Rush Transcript Of Last Night's Speech

Obama: Both parties share the blame for the problems caused by George Bush and the Republicans.  Curse them for taking ofice at the start of a recession, being in office during the largest terrorist attack in US history, responding with an Afghanistan campaign that I supported and expanded, voting for a cheaper drug benefit than the one my party wanted, launching an Iraq War supported by my party's last nominee and my Secretary of State and tax cuts that I mostly want to keep - until I'm safely reelected, heh, heh, heh.  Sure I added trillions and trillions to the deficit, but none of that was my fault.  I inherited stuff.  But this isn't about blame.  We need compromise and that means everybody should do it my way.  My way means big cuts that I never have and never will specify but trust me they are like so awesome.  We also need to cut corporate jets which I'm going to imply will be more than a trivial aspect of any deficit reduction deal.  The other side wants to cut your grandfather's Social Security so that corporate CEOs could take their Gulf Streams to Disney World while you drive on highways with potholes the size of the crater caused by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.  We need people who don't selfishly cling to their principles by disagreeing with me.  We are a great country because of moments of unity like the time when I was elected President.  And we can do it again.

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That is about what it sounded like to me, too.

Speaker Boehner's response was good, but left me with a sense of hopelessness. I googled and glanced through responses of the usual kinds of columns; E.J. Dionne says "Obama talks to the middle, Boehner rallies the right" which seems to sum up the consensus, but I among people I know the Left has moved right on this issue. The middle would rather do nothing much new and follow Obama, but are thinking that will not work and that our future demands more of what the Right proposes.

I find this especially true among the young adults, the working ones mainly seem concerned that "Boehner will bail" and their future be lost.

From this point on what Obama says and does is no longer relevant to much of anything. He is a lame duck president.

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