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A better description of Democrats/Liberals is clearly and concisely written by Ann Coulter in her latest book "Demonic". She connects the behavior of Liberals/Democrats to French who participated in the French Revolution. This behavior beening that of "MOB" mentality.

I saw this Mob Mentality during the war protests in San Francisco during Bush's Administration. The Bush is Hitler and No War for Oil signs on top of the outlandish and stupid costumes and painted faces led me to believe that the bulk of these people had no idea why they were protesting, but being good liberal sheeple they had to participate well because they are liberal.

I had to rare opportunity to be driving near San Francisco the day of one of these protests. I happened to see a Peace Bus - yes right out of the sixties in Berkeley decorated with flowers and peace signs and oh yes, a bust of Che Guerva - with 9 people aboard heading to where else but San Francisco. The ironic issue here is that I am sure that the Peace Bus got max 5 gallons to the mile (it was gas powered) and there were 8 people aboard. Do these people not know how foolish and stupid they are?

It is kind of like the animals rights activitists that come to protest our rodes in leather shoes, leather belts and leather interior in their BMW's.

And you all wonder why I call California the stupid state.

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