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Civility, Democrat-Style

"And as far as I'm concerned, the tea party can go straight to hell."

- Rep. Maxine Waters (D - CA), August 20, 2011

Just pile it on to the growing list of slurs, such as "terrorist" and "hostage-takers," aimed at the Tea Party by Democrats in the New Age of Civility.

Do you think Ms. Waters has any clue that the Tea Party is synonymous with mainstream America, that the Tea Party's fiscal policy is the overwhelming preference of American economists and that her vulgar disparagement is actually an insult to the majority of American citizens? Even California isn't so insular an echo chamber that Waters is incapable of recognizing that her views, not those of the Tea Party, are "outside the mainstream." That's why Democrats like Waters use coded language when explaining their ideas: tax hikes = revenue; spending = infrastructure; redistribution = equality; abortion = choice; censorship = fairness. If Democrats had the courage of their convictions - or really believed the American people shared their views - they would speak as clearly and honestly as the Tea Party.

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Pretty strong words from someone who could very well be on her way straight to jail.

The 'overwhelming preference' of American economists is to eschew tax increases under any and all circumstances and to refuse to raise the debt ceiling? Just where did you get that idea?

I like it when they rant and rave -- means we are getting through and scoring points. It also shows them up for what they are, hysterical parasites.

Rebuttal - thanks to Lord Urkel Hussein McPutt-Putt and his spit bubble blowing Democrat minions, we're almost there!

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