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Clarence Thomas and GOP Discontents

One reason Republicans are dissatisfied about their presidential candidates is that they have unbounded riches in the person of Justice Clarence Thomas--not merely the preeminent conservative political officeholder in America.  "Thomas's scholarly and influential jurisprudence" is detailed in the most unlikely venue of the New Yorker, by Jeffrey Toobin.  As did Jan Crawford in her Supreme Discontent, Toobin demolishes leftist cliches about him.  He shows how Thomas, often by a lone but principled dissent, has decisively changed the Court's jurisprudence in crucial areas--which may culminate in the judicial dooming of Obamacare.  Toobin's treatment of the more recent controversies is far less satisfying, albeit exculpatory--who can really believe that Justice Thomas's vote is going to be influenced by his wife's activity? 
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I'm amazed at this this turn-around by Toobin. His treatment of Thomas in The Nine was typical leftist tripe about his supposed "extremism" and his unorthodox views of the Constitution. In this piece, he actually attempts to understand Thomas as he understands himself--although with the errors as Ken points out.

"who can really believe that Justice Thomas's vote is going to be influenced by his wife's activity?"

Come on, the leftists in this country believe in the religion of global warming. If they believe in that, they will believe in anything.. by the way I have some ocean front property in Arizona... any leftys interested???.

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