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Morality: A Luxury Item?

How our would-be elites see it:

It was startling to hear what local broadcaster Steve Adubato, who has done informative programming, had to say with regard to the news that young women are hooking up with older men to exchange sex for payment of their college loans. He thought it perfectly fine. When asked if he would like to see his daughter do that, he said that she would not have to because of her higher socioeconomic status, but that for women of lower means, he thought it was fine. Pressed by his co-commentators to show more democratic spirit, he added that if his daughter were at a reduced socioeconomic status, unlikely to happen, it would be fine then too. It was really cringe-making to see a man reveal such an absence of values so absolute.

I am reminded of Irving Kristol's famous quip:

The liberal paradigm of regulation and license has led to a society where an 18-year-old girl has the right to public fornication in a pornographic movie--but only if she is paid the minimum wage.  Now, you don't have to be the father of a daughter to think that there is something crazy about this situation.

The class dimension, however, might be new, or at least more explicit.

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Obama supports abortion. He said that if one of his daughters made "mistake" he would want her to be able to have the option of aborting the "mistake".

And you don't think there is something crazy about that?

Why is this all about the women? What about the men who are facilitating this behavior? Where is the outrage that men are purchasing these women's services?

In fact, I'm kind of proud of these women...they have a product that men are willing to buy and they are perfectly within their rights to sell it. Women have done this since the dawn of time, and they will continue to do so until men are unwilling to pay.

Thanks, Cowgirl, for upholding the decency of both men and women. Shame on you, unsurprisingly identified as anonymous, for degrading both sexes. Who said abortion is all about women? I've seen the boyfriends of girls cussing out pro-life protestors outside abortion clinics. My late wife and I both were in those protests. Indeed, most women naturally prefer to give birth, but boyfriends, husbands, parents and "friends" (not to mention Planned Parenthood, which is in the abortion business), urge them to kill their babies. And defending prostitution as a respectable professionis as low as one can get.

P.S. There are simpler Capchas that require only using arithmetic. Please consider a change from your often unreadable clues.

The original piece is not about abortion, and I am not addressing that subject. On that subject, however, I'd love to see your empirical data regarding the percentage of women who are "coerced" by others into having an abortion.

The liberal, progressive, socialist and left-wing media establishments in the United States have no interest and nothing to gain from looking at the "other side" of abortion. The one that I see weekly at the Pregnancy Crisis Center that I volunteer at in my community.

I have witnessed 15 year old teen age girls being coerced by friends, family, boyfriends and other organization into having an abortion - oh don't worry hone - it is just a glob of cells... Yeah right until you see the 3-D sonogram of the eigh week old fetus with a beating heart. I have witnessed the fathers of aborted babies in emotional turmoil from the loss of their child and their inability to do anything about it - It is the woman's choice you know.

Until liberals and the liberal media allow the "OTHER SIDE" of the story to be broadcasted and addressed in the same manner as the PRO-CHOICE is, you Anonymous will remain ignoramus....

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