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Obama and the media

As this New York Times editorial and this Dana Milbank op-ed reveal, President Obama is losing the authority the liberal media once gave him.  I have watched much more TV news during the last week or two than I care to admit to, but it turned out to be useful, for I see something I hadn't seen before, or only saw glimpses of: He is losing his base of support in the liberal media. His supporters overestimated his capacities, his intellect, his judgment, his rhetorical abilities, and they are now wondering what to say, where to go with this unpleasant insight.  The straw that broke the camel's back was the amazingly inartful talk he gave as the markets continued plunging, ignoring him altogether.  Everyone is admitting that it was a very bad speech, and a revealing one.  Where we go from here is an open question (challengers in the primaries?), but that it is a new and unhappy world for this White House is a certainty.  You can see it in the media's eyes, you can feel the regret in their once braying voices.
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The Times editorial is looking for new ideas.
Obama has no new ideas. He is still totting out the same old ideas he started his Presidential campaign with back in 2007.

Calling him an "empty suit" would be an affront to all other "empty suits" out there. The fake President in the movie "Dave" had more ideas. Obama is (and I guess has always been) .. dare we say it ?

Barack Obama is to government was Jayson Blair was to the NY Times, an Affirmative Action hire gone bad. He is the mythical "Magic Negro" the LA Times talked about during the 2008 campaign, he looked too good to check.

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