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Obama's Secret Jobs Plan

Only 31 months into his presidency and Barack Obama is now set to unveil a plan to create jobs in the United States. While some sources say that the plan may include an attempt to curb the rising costs of healthcare (which the President has admitted his Healthcare law did not do), waste more tax dollars on stimulus spending (because it's obviously worked so well over the past few years), fix the debt problem (which was impossible for him to do back when his party controlled the entire federal government), or fight space aliens (oh wait, that's just Paul Krugman being insane), I have a different theory.

President Obama's plan to create jobs in the United States is to use the all-powerful Internet Kill Switch that Congress is contemplating giving him. Then, without the Internet and all the other wonders of technology, Americans will finally be able to have jobs, because obviously Price Line Negotiator and eBay are stealing jobs along with those pesky ATMs. Later phases of his job plan will include getting rid of motors so that horse trainers and carriage makers can get work, abolishing fast food restaurants in order to create more job opportunities for waiters, ordering that all clothing be hand-sewn and all toys be hand-carved, and having the federal government revert to communicating solely through written letters individually hand-delivered by personal secretaries and pages. Only then will we be able to live in a prosperous country. Sounds like a winner to me.
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"Obama's Secret Jobs Plan"


It's all a bit reminiscent of Nixon's secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

RE: Attachment Adjunct Hypotheses and the U.S. Lane Job Plan, : Hypotheses & " The U.S. Lane Job Plan". Copy of A. Lane ltr to Pres. Obama 8/10/2011

(513) 631-6601
August 10, 2011:

President Barack Obama & The Council of Economic Advisors: Fax:1-202-456-2461

Subject: Jobs

THE HYPOTHESIS: Contemporary society today, (man), must work, beg or inherit to earn or receive money to obtain or be rewarded with food and water for sustenance i.e. jobs. This should be the primary economic preface guideline for all of us in making all other determinations, customs, rules or laws that individually or collectively might hinder, by-pass or eliminate The Hypothesis. Other alternate factors in making a potential by-passed determination should be weighed in and compromised in arriving at a fair and healthy philosophical & scientific conclusion in order to keep this Hypothesis primary. By Albert E. Lane

August 10, 2011---" The 2011 U.S. Lane Job Plan"

Subject: Potential 500,000 to 1,000,000 jobs along with new places of private employment in the U.S. 50 States. ("The U.S. Lane Job Plan"). "The U.S. Lane Job Plan" requires no large amounts of public money. President Obama would give a National speech to the U.S. Senate & for-warded to the House of Representatives, all 50 State Legislatures and all of their Political Subdivisions along with flyers and drawing diagrams:

The basic President Obama statement (suggestion) in his non political speech would be: Driving vehicle LEFT TURNS should be permitted on secondary and some primary roads, median strips would be eliminated as would trees hiding these empty & occupied buildings and their parking lots. This would allow easier visibility, access of potential customers vehicles and delivery trucks to the many presently empty Commercial & Industrial buildings and their parking facilities fronting on business and industrial zoned now non-accessible roads. (Thus presently an oxymoron.) These derelict buildings could become desirable and be reoccupied by business entrepreneurs. The occupied buildings will do greater business (or new buildings built or to be reconfigured) if the median strips, building blocking trees would be eliminated and LED and other signs allowed. Universities/City Planners should teach, draw, create, zone and recreate economically feasible entrepreneur and job oriented roads and highways ancillary to business and manufacturing/industrial zones in the Counties, Cities,Towns & Villages in the 50 U.S. States.

These recycled buildings (along with their parking, visibility, truck dock receiving and deliveries) would now be economically usable, have many new employees and provide various public taxes again.

Albert E. Lane, 7200 Fair Oaks Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 dial 513-631-6601 [email protected]

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