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Pawlenty Quits

Pawlenty-Bachmann 2012

- Justin Paulette, May 25, 2011

Quite simply, the Iowa straw poll "is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

- Justin Paulette, Earlier Today

If you're going to be wrong, you might as well be really wrong. I stand corrected. Tim Pawlenty is out of the presidential race and Iowa apparently matters quite a bit. Speaking of the Iowa straw poll, Pawlenty stated:

We needed to get some lift to continue on and have a pathway forward. That didn't happen, so I'm announcing this morning on your show that I'm going to be ending my campaign for president

Many of us thought that Pawlenty's experience as governor of a blue state, record of successfully negotiating with a hostile legislature and "generic" character would prove a potent foil to Obama's shrill partisanship, failed policies and empty rhetoric of hope and change. Perhaps it would have proved so. But Pawlenty apparently didn't believe that he'd ever make it out of the primaries in order to test the theory.

I think the withdrawal is premature. Other candidates haven't had sufficient time to implode, which is a distinct possibility. Further, some candidates' stars are still on the rise, but may soon crest and descend with equal alacrity. Bachmann has the potential for both of these perils and her demise would have opened up the conservative field for Pawlenty. Pawlenty has called it quits at the same time that Rick Perry is just announcing his candidacy (Perry will likely lead the rush to pick up Pawlenty's donors and political aides).

Nevertheless, with Pawlenty out, Perry in and Bachmann rising, the GOP field proves fluid, diverse and energized.

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Before I continue to post on this topic, let me be perfectly clear on one thing. I am not a feminAnazi. I think feminism is crap and has done nothing but hurt women. I refuse to be consider a member of a bunch of whiney, cranky, baby-killing mobsters. Okay now that I got that clear....

Palwenty look weak going after Michelle Bachman in the latest stupid Republican Debate (I do agree with Newt - quite with the BS questions). She looked strong. I would trust her with the black box more than Palwenty or Hillary for that matter. Whether Bachman wins or not the gal has guts. Pure guts. By the way I would rather we entrust Ted Nugent with the black box. Somehow the picture of a ponied-tale, crazied eye, camo-wearing, gunslinger redneck carry the black box is just what we need right now - I bet he would have stopped the London riots in a heart beat. Go Ted.

Justin, don't take it so hard. Everything at this point is symbolism and momentum. Pawlenty is a victim of zeitgeist, nothing more. This is what I've been trying to tell Pete lo these many moons -- politics is from the gut. Emotional reaction matters a great deal UNTIL vested interests really come into play (real cash, right now).

The danger, of course, is we'll get another McCain. Momentum...only X can win. Fortunately, the field is better than it was in 2008.

Pawlenty has been working Iowa for well nigh two years, and what did he have to show for all of his efforts?

Two long years.

This was way beyond a mere question of perceived momentum. Pawlenty was going nowhere fast, and had been for some time. His financial supporters knew it too. So other than getting puffed by the fellas over at Powerline and getting hyped by Hugh Hewitt, what support amongst the voting rank and file did Pawlenty enjoy.

And his bragging about working with the opposition in Minnesota didn't jive with the present attitude of the party, which after the three Bush terms is thoroughly sick of "bipartisan" deals that always seem to favour the Democrat agenda. Conservatives aren't hankering for politicians chirping about "working with" the opposition. They want that opposition defeated and discredited. And Pawlenty wasn't remotely equal to that challenge.

Nor is Romeny for that matter.

Which means Romney, as well as Pawlenty, is not in sync with the party, which is apt to prove a mortal failing for any politician.

Additionally, Pawlenty jumped big time on the green band wagon and more than enough Republicans knew it, didn't like it, and held it against him. As they should have.

Steve Hayward just posted a piece suggesting Romney is going to win the nomination. I think he's dead wrong.

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