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Uncovering Newsweek Covers

Newsweek's cover photo of Michele Bachmann--see others here--continues a practice going back at least to their1964 cover of Barry Goldwater.   For much of the left, religious fervor and fascist rallies are one and the same phenomenon.  Responsible journalism attempts to educate readers to this underlying truth.
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"Responsible journalism"

I fear that the main stream media in the United States has no idea of the meaning....

The heck with this "responsible journalism" malarky--it's called manners, the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have yourself done unto, etc, and it seems as if it is an alien concept to a lot on the left.

Seems to me that for folks who are quick to accuse others of dehumanizing their fellow human beings out of their own fears about loss of power, liberal writers sure seem to do a lot of it.

Woops--in my reading hast, I lost the subtleness of the "responsible journalism" remark. Kudos.

haste, too.

If you look at the outtake photographs, she has crazy eyes in each and every one of them, so I'm inclined to say this is just her face. That said, and as much as it pains me, the cover is harsh and the lede doesn't really reflect what is in the article. While I'm not willing to ascribe the label "sexism" to her treatment, she deserved better.

I think there was more damage in the title of the piece than her photograph. "The Queen of Rage" indeed, not to mention "The evils of government." It is the combination that is deadly. Our side's photos of Pelosi, Reid and Obama (granted, they didn't make the major media) have been far less flattering. Time magazine used the "rage" ftrope against Rush Limbaugh on its front page several years ago for a piece about talk radio, so the tactic is hardly new, as the link to Sen. Goldwater reminds us. It may be best simply to admit that the major media are not what they claim to be; they are just rank partisans, of the lowest sort. Their "authority" needs to be debunked at every opportunity. Our side needs to be better in every way, as Progressive (but later repentant) Walter Lippmann urged liberal journalists to be early in his long career (1919, in "Liberty and the News").

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