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A Comment on Palin

Former Governor Sarah Palin said on Fox recently that she may not want to run for president because she would be shackled by the presidency and unable to wield the type of authority she has now. Jon Stewart has an appropriate take-down of this silly stuff. The spectacle of Sarah Palin is distracting from getting to the real substance of things, and much more of a disservice than the hype surrounding Governor Christie, who at least has something serious to say in a serious way and seems to be less-egocentric and far more genuine than Sarah Palin in the dancing around this issue (though I do share some of the concerns mentioned by Julie below about Christie). She needs to just accept the role she really wants, that of a well-paid and somewhat influential pundit, and stop with the presidential back-and-forth.
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Bingo! And in Christie's case, it is less his fault than it is Sarah's . . . maybe. I could be wrong, but his protestations about not wanting to run have always seemed genuine as does this announced, or leaked, or whatever it is, reconsideration. It's just clumsy and shows a real conflict of mind. But Sarah? She's milking it.

Sarah was "milking" it from the very beginning. I didn't even like her for VP with McCain. But a lot of people really do like her... also John Madden also travels in a bus and talks about the presidency.

Then again, maybe we are witnessing the creation of an organic/informal run for VP. You skip the presidential primary because you don't want to insult or alienate a potential candidate. But what you are actually doing is running for VP. I am sort of making this up, because all of it is non-binding. But Marco Rubio certainly seems to be running for VP, also Christie and Palin (I think).

So my theory is that Marco Rubio, Christie and Palin are all running for VP (only there is no formal mechanism for doing so.)

So I think the best theory is that Palin is running for VP.

The second best theory is that Palin is crafting a pundit image of a certain type. If you are going to be a pundit, really there is NO GREATER pundit than JOHN MADDEN.

Seriously, name a single pundit who is more recognized than John Madden?

You can't do it.

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