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A Cultural Watershed?

Ford's new commercial might represent a cultural milestone.

"Chris," the character in the commercial, does not want to buy a car from a company that the government has bailed out.  Moreover, Chris attacks the basic idea of the entitlement state when he says "that's what America's about."  We try our best. "When you fail, you've got to pick yourself up, and go back to work." 

Behind the veil of ignorance, an American wants the opportunity to succeed or fail on his own merits.  That implies that failure has real consequences.  Hence the strictures against bailouts.

Since the 1960s, when commercials touched political themes they have tended to reflect Lefty themes, since, as a rule, Progressivism has had chic cachet.  That has not always been the case, but it has been the general rule.  But this commercial goes after the bailout state.

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Well, since the Left hasn't had a new idea in 50 years (if then), it's high time that "right" was chic. Now, do you suppose Ford could reel in the Ford Foundation, which has done so very much to support Leftist professors and pundits around the country?

I bet Henry Ford is doing somersaults in his grave because of the Ford Foundation. Just like Heinz must be turning in his grave given his wife Teresa's marriage to the liberal of all time John Kerry and all the donations she makes to the Tides Foundation...

Just a coincidence, I suppose, but unfortunately, the video linked from the article has been removed. If someone finds it elsewhere, please post the new link.

But why would anyone remove a video critical of an Obama administration program?

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