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Harvard College, Still a Religious Institution

From Minding the Campus:

First-years are being pressured to sign a "Freshman Pledge" committing them to create a campus "where the exercise of kindness holds a place on a par with intellectual attainment" -- all in the name of "upholding the values of the College" including "inclusiveness and civility."

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You know, it doesn't help this blog's credibility that simple words like "religious" so often are misspelled. Isn't this supposed to be an academic site?

Thanks for noting the typo. It has been fixed.

These sound like weak "values" to me rather than classical and theological virtues. The comparison to McCarthyism and some whining about "academic freedom" was oh so predictable. Maybe someone should write "God and Man at Harvard" because WFB wrote about all of this in 1950.

Why would anyone with any sense spend a boat load of money to send their kid to Harvard where political correctness runs amok and no one bothers to fact check anything much less try and operate on the foundations of truth and morality.

The President of the United States, many of our elected Congressmen and members of the Supreme Court are graduates of Harvard. These are the leaders of our country and where is our country right now - pretty much in the crapper.

Says a whole lot about Harvard.

"create a campus 'where the exercise of kindness holds a place on a par with intellectual attainment.'"

Right there, the Tea Party would have at least 2 openings for a case that they are being blatantly discriminated against.

So, apparently you haven't heard the incredulous liberal media reports that your average Tea Party members are more affluent and better educated that your average Americans? Probably a lot more civil than your average protests at world trade meetings.


No, but seriously... almost any10th grader worth his "salt" or NaCl...which technically should be include every affluent and educated teapartier as well as every Harvard undergrad, should understand or take something from "chemistry". A focus on the virtues of Na, while neglecting the virtues of Cl will leave you with a lot of extra reactant, and less "salt".

No one doubts that Harvard undergrads are intelligent, and almost certainly this will never be the limiting factor factor for them. That is a Harvard undergrad is highly unlikely to run into a situation in life where his sheer intelligence or "Na" is not a surplus reactant. Odds are good that over a lifetime these folks will suffer from a "Cl" deficiency.

So focus on kindness(Cl), would certainly in the aggregate, be unlikely to be misplaced, or result in surplus reactant. (obviously too much kindness, like too much Cl could have negative consequences.)

Inclusiveness, kindness and civility are vital supplements, they may be maco-nutients, or vitamins, or peptides...that is Tony Williams may be right...these may not reach the level of Protein, or Carbohydrates (i.e. the classical and theological virtues), but this does not indicate that they are not relevant for maintaining Ph ballance in the Phd or liberal arts equation.

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