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Some fascinating things in the news about the stars above. Astronaut Ronald Garan, an American who lived up in the International Space Station, snapped this fantastic photograph of the Aurora Australis dancing around the Earth. Stunning. The northern lights are caused by electrically-charged particles colliding with atoms in our atmosphere, and these particles are usually created near our magnetic poles. Then there is this photo of Saturn's rings, completely unaltered, delivered to us by the spacecraft Cassini-Huygens orbiting the planet 800 million miles away from us. The ringed planet appears even more illusively beautiful. Finally, for fellow fans of George Lucas' Star Wars saga, NASA has discovered a planet with two suns-- just like the planet Tatooine in the films. Called Kepler-16, it is considered uninhabitable for life, but is a fascinating discovery nonetheless. Amazing things up there, and even more to be discovered!
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Yes, but those things are *up there*, and we Americans are *down here*, and I don't see that situation changing. Maybe for others, but not for us. We simply care too much about other things.

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