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A Foreigner on Obama

A foreigner made the off-handed comment today that Obama would win another term. As this person does not religiously follow American politics but is a rather perceptive sort, I asked how she could speak so confidently. She replied that everything that could go wrong in America had gone wrong, yet Obama was still popular enough to win. What else could go wrong in America to significantly hurt him?

I reluctantly concede the foundation, while yet refusing to accept the conclusion. As I've posited many times before, the Democrats' greatest weapon and advantage in American politics is not their ideas, policies or message. It is an allied media. Had Fox News not come into existence, Republicans would score 10% lower in every poll against Democrats. But Fox is but one voice among many. Without the media's absolute support of the liberal line, the Democrats would be a different party - and I wonder to imagine a world with a comparable right-wing media dominance and sense of license.

Nevertheless, the world is as it is - which means Republicans must strive to control the message throughout the campaign. The Republican most able to implement this strategy has a significant "plus" as a candidate, and should be viewed as such in the primaries. The ability to control the media directly equates to electability. It is obvious that Obama is able to avoid the blame he deserves for objective faults - it is the Republicans' role to act as a substitute media for the American people.

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Very true. Look how well the LSM media is vetting Herman Cain as compared to how the LSM vetted Obama. If one could even claim that the LSM vetted Obama. I still think we are all waiting for that to happen.

"imagine a world with a comparable right-wing media dominance and sense of license"

Indeed! Well no license, but more influence surely, for a media dedicated to preserving America's Constitution rather than warring against it. I have argued for years that the media are political not because they fail to live up to journalistic standards but because that is what journalism is--publication or broadcasting of political information and opinion. Those "standards" are precisely the problem. Neutrality in politics is not only impossible but undesirable. My work, "Taking Journalism Seriously: 'Objectivity' as a Partisan Cause," makes that clear.

The best ally the Dems have is the GOP. Where are our leaders? I've seldom seen such a motley crew of candidates, and the only ones who are "camera-ready" are either dyed-in-the-wool RINOS who many of us will have real trouble supporting or people with serious baggage (Gingrich). Can we really beat Obama with an "Anyone but Obama!" campaign? Given his automatic voting bloc of minorities, I have my doubts.

I'm very sorry that Christi isn't running. While he's not particularly conservative, at least he's a straight-shooter and a hundred times better than Obama. Alas.

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