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My recent Daily Caller article on Occupy Wall Street generally avoided the issue of criminality. I hoped to focus on aspects central to the movement's purpose and perception, and felt that the obvious criminal elements were a distraction from the more fundamental elements which defined the movement (at least in the media).

Since that time, however, OWS has been increasingly defined by its criminal elements. It has made no progress whatsoever in the direction of organizing and formulating a coherent message or policy. Rather than maturing into a political faction or evolving into a broad social movement, OWS has degenerated into lawlessness, filth and depravity. John Moser's post below provides a good summary and John Nolte has compiled an OWS Rap Sheet compiling hundreds of specific crimes.

Even New York City has finally had its fill with the protesters and ousted them from HQ: Zuccotti Park in order to sanitize the site. Over 70 arrests were necessary to clear the park. OWS is no longer a "movement," it is a mob. The association of Democrats (including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama) with such riff-raff should cause them a deep sense of shame.

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Fantastic post, Justin!

"OWS is no longer a 'movement,' it is a mob. The association of Democrats (including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama) with such riff-raff should cause them a deep sense of shame."

You're welcome to check this with your Vatican sources:

"Jesus left that place, and as he walked along, he saw a tax collector, named Matthew, sitting in his office. He said to him, "Follow me." Matthew got up and followed him. 10 While Jesus was having a meal in Matthew's house, many tax collectors and other outcasts came and joined Jesus and his disciples at the table. 11 Some Pharisees saw this and asked his disciples, "Why does your teacher eat with such people?" 12 Jesus heard them and answered, "People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are sick. 13 Go and find out what is meant by the scripture that says: "It is kindness that I want, not animal sacrifices.' I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts."

Yes, of course. A few tasteless signs and the Tea Party is a sign of incipient fascism, while leftist thugs silencing opposition and tossing blood and urine around are Friends of the Lord.

Quit quoting scriptures from the BIble. You are making a complete fool out of yourself.

It is obvious that you are picking fruit without understanding how to plant the tree, nuture it and keeping it alive and growing.

You are making an a$$sumption that the OWS would follow Jesus if he appeared in human form to them. This means they would have to repent and quit raping, murdering, stealing, defacating on cars, destroying property and expecting hand outs.


Actually, OWS has significantly contributed to "protest fatigue." A very good thing, unless you actually like the tail wagging the dog.

The Tea Party matters where it counts - at the voting booth. I'd like them to be a little more active in actual political organizing; some of the energy has been lost since the successes of the 2010 election. The 2012 election is every bit as important.

Drudge is reporting a poll that shows a racial divide in support of Obama. Like I said, race is a central organizer of American politics, like it or not. It would be "nice" if NLT began to take it a little more seriously (and no, you don't have to the an 'imperial wizard' to analyze racial dynamics in America).

Hey Scanlon....

One of your beloved Occupiers took a shot at the White House - right were Obama and his family live.

I don't like Obama - did not vote him and will never support someone for President who doesn't uphold the laws of this country.

But, what this dude did is as wrong as rain and proves that your beloved OWS people are nothing but a bunch of unsalvageable criminals. The shooter put at risk the lives of Obama, his wife and children. Piece of crap.

But go on and support them Scanlon. Be my guest. Matter of fact you and the OWS need to hookup with the faculty at Penn State. Your belief systems are all the same...

Given the moves by largely Democrat city governments to expel the occupiers, and the role of the administration in coordinating this action, I'd say that Jesus is casting out the outcasts.

Wow, that was desperately nonsensical, John. You're drowning in your own sarcasm and losing coherence.

The fact that you're trying to play this as part of the little Dem vs. GOP game is telling, though. OWS exists precisely because Dems have not embraced their causes, and have offered those OWS and their supporters pretty much nothing for a long time now. It's no surprise that plenty of Dems are happy to smack down the OWS protestors - no surprise at all. In terms of practical outcomes, the Dems are as much in thrall to Wall Street as anyone could be. That, of course, doesn't mean that the GOP is the party that anybody in their right mind should turn to to reign in big business or clamp down on the banks or even take a few token steps to call for some conservative restraints on the insatiable greed of the 1% and their enablers. I think of it like this: The GOP is the crime boss-pimp in the back room of the club, and the Democratic party functions as the beefheaded bouncer and left-hand man. (My point was never to identify the Dems with Jesus (haha), or to compare the OWS groups with his disciples (irrelevant) - my point was to focus on Paulette's assertion that anyone's "association ... with such riff-raff should cause them a deep sense of shame.")

Getting back to the original post, it's interesting to me how the "elitism!" tag and squeal has been so casually applied by the Right to anyone left of George Will when someone so much as points out a simple factual error. Republicans/Tea Partiers have bandied that slur about so regularly they're probably really starting to believe it. Everyone's elitist except them - as they look down upon The Great Unwashed on Wall Street with disgust and disdain.

But what is it when right-wingers bloviate from their ivory tower blog-perches and describe a protest group with many valid concerns and legitimate grievances - a group that a large portion of Americans actually sympathize with - as "riff-raff"? The term itself is definitively elitist, particularly if one suggests that "deep shame" is in order simply for associating with them.

It is an actual manifestation of elitism (from the Sarah Palin definition of the term right through to those of greater nuance and complexity).

The only thing that makes such arrogance more absurd than elitist is that it's based on the pathetic lie that "OWS has been increasingly defined by its criminal elements." Well, I suppose at FoxNation or at Glenn Beck U. that is true.

"One of your beloved Occupiers took a shot at the White House..."

Nice work there, cow - you earned your day's nickel from the FoxNation Propaganda Club with that one!

Too bad you've got not a shred of evidence for that claim (that he was an "Occupier").

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