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As hundreds of millions of Chinese toil under the feudalistic conditions of Communist China, an elite few live in the type of wealth that is rare even in the West. This Chinese class of "Princelings" preach the humble poverty of Mao to their brethren while maintaining a monopoly on power and high-end luxury cars. The heirs of China's revolutionary leaders find themselves with unparalleled wealth, and as the wheels of power begin to turn and a new generation steps up, it appears that the Mao's communist creation is set to be politically and commercially controlled by a group of elite families--who already hold a great deal of economic power and sway with the military.

However, as the Internet breaks down the bonds of ignorance and reveals the secrets of their masters, the Chinese people may start to grow disillusioned with the Party. Chinese leaders may continue to try to censor the Internet, but it is a dam with too many cracks in it to bring them solace forever. With economic conditions in Chinese localities deteriorating, and the Chinese people growing more aware of the types of lives the elite live, the Princelings may be in for a rocky rule. There is some cause for hope, though. Most of the Princelings coming to power now have sent all their children to Western schools, mostly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Perhaps there may be some true nobility grown among this group, and they can oversee some liberalization in China. We can pray.
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