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If you are in need of an uplifting tale, do check out the recent interview with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The determination and relationship between her and husband Mark Kelly are remarkable. The speed of her recovery is awesome. The interview also sheds a lot of light into the damage done to her brain by the madman's bullet, and how that affected her. I cannot even begin to fathom how one can lose control of one's speech and vocabulary. To know what a chair is, but to keep calling it "spoon" or "cheeseburger" must be frustrating. But, in a sign of the remarkable thing that is the human mind, it is able to recover and relearn and remake itself. One of the doctors in the interview said that different parts of the brain will sometimes take over the functions of the damaged parts. Music plays a large role in helping to gain both physical balance and word recovery (something I remember complaining about in my schooling days--why is it so easy to remember the lyrics of a song but not certain mathematical formulas or the names of all of the Caesars?). Again capturing the amazingness of this human thing--the doctors said that they know what parts of the brain control speech and movement, but not optimism, ambition, charisma, and these other qualities that Giffords exhibited. People were unsure if she would get them back. As the interview shows, she certainly did. Good for her. Watch the whole thing when you get a chance.
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My thougths and prayers are with her and her family.

Yes, the human body is an ever-amazing biological wonder that stumps The Theory of Evolution every time.

My thought was that it speaks to the existence of a soul and that, impressive as our mastery of brain mechanics and chemistry may be, there are still parts of it that defy explanation. It is not, therefore, just a brain. Indeed, as her relationship with her husband Mark attests, she is not even simply her own soul. There is something that animates her that is deeply tied up in him, and their love. As awful as the horrors inflicted upon her were, there is something so beautiful and instructive in this reflowering. One cannot but help but root for its continued blossoming.

While her road has been and continues to be difficult, I just can't believe that anybody seriously thinks she can be more than iconic among the rigors of DC, for some time into the future.

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