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The Democratic Party chief's  Osawatomie speech continues to reverberate, but the commentariat still doesn't quite get how radical it is.  Daniel Henninger correctly labels it Obama's "Godfather speech"--"what you'd expect to hear in Caracas or Buenos Aires." But even this doesn't bring out how it builds on Theodore Roosevelt's revolutionary "New Nationalism" speech, delivered 101 years ago, celebrating both the Civil War and the terrorist John Brown.  That radicalism is well-summarized in this introductory essay.  Obama's speech multiplies the possibilities, including TR's proposal for a "Federal Bureau of Corporations."  Try also Sidney Milkis's remarkable study that emphasizes the 1912 campaign.

UPDATE:  NRO's commentary has some telling comparisons and contrasts between BHO and TR.

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Without getting into the merits of the speeches, old and new, I think it should be noted that a key difference between Colonel Roosevelt and "Colonel" Obama is that while the Rough Rider would personally lead a charge up a hill against a machine gun to kill or capture the soldiers posted there, and then perhaps later acknoweldge the foe's bravery if he felt they earned it, I feel the more recent Harvard grad would just order someone to do it for him and then otherwise would only get involved by personally taking care of the prisoners who had been brought bound before him, calling them cowards as he bravely dispatched them with his pistol. Perhaps while drinking a glass of wine and eating some arugula.

All while an aide created a website called "" to glorify "his" victory.

More than a tad harsh, but basically how I feel about the man. A fraud, a demagogue, and I'm not sure in any way a decent human being.

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