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In its continuing campaign against Voter ID laws, and other laws, the NAACP has appealed to the United Nations.

The largest civil rights group in America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is petitioning the UN over what it sees as a concerted efforted to disenfranchise black and Latino voters ahead of next year's presidential election. . . .

According to The Guardian, the group complains that "34 states have introduced a requirement that voters carry photo ID cards on the day of the election itself."  Voter ID and other laws, such as laws that strip felons of the vote, at least for a time, are an affront to democracy, according to the NAACP:

Benjamin Jealous, the NAACP's president, said the moves amounted to "a massive attempt at state-sponsored voter suppression." He added that the association will be urging the UN "to look at what is a co-ordinated campaign to disenfranchise persons of colour."

So the NAACP is appealing to a non-democratic institution, and is attacking the American legal system, and American sovereignty, in the name of democracy?  How democratic do they think the world would be if the UN ran it?

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Now why in the world would blacks think that there was ever a campaign to suppress their votes?

"BALTIMORE -- A jury has found a former aide to Gov. Bob Ehrlich guilty of conspiring to suppress the black vote by using robocalls during last year's gubernatorial election.

The jury found Paul Schurick guilty Tuesday on four fraud-related charges that include conspiring to fraudulently influence voters' decisions and failing to have an authority line in the call that identified the campaign behind it.
The conspiracy counts can come with a maximum sentence of five years in jail. The authority line count can get up to one year in jail.

The robocalls went out to about 112,000 Democratic voters in Prince George's County and Baltimore City -- largely black jurisdictions -- on Election Day 2010, suggesting that the election was over before the polls closed and that Gov. Martin O'Malley had already won."

It's interesting to see an ideological Ashbrook righty go on about the UN and how "non-democratic" they are. It's not as if folks here embrace democracy; typically, they can barely conceal their contempt for it.

It wasn't very long ago (2006) that Peter Schramm was talking confidently about "The Year of the Black Republican."

Now, I think that idea sounds more like it would just describe Herman Cain's trainwreck campaign, not a string of victories for black Republicans, and certainly not for a political realignment of any sort, where blacks turn en masse to the GOP.

Republicans simply don't want blacks - along with college students and a variety of other citizens - to vote, period.

You've kidding, right? You've got one guy, maybe two guys in Maryland "conspiring" in a goofy Election Day stunt and suddenly you see a campaign? Please.

"Republicans simply don't want blacks - along with college students and a variety of other citizens - to vote, period."

and Democrats don't want people to vote who question their insane ideas, are smarter than them (If Barack Obama is smart, then Herman Cain is a rocket scientist) , don't expect hand outs from taxpayers, work for a living, are successful because they work hard, obey the law, have morals and values, pay taxes, are wealthy and last but not least don't sexually harrass and rape women while they hold public office, don't drown their pregnant girlfriends and don't tell anyone about it for 12 hours, and don't have affairs and out of wedlock children while running for public office and while their spouse is dying from breast cancer. And really last, but not least, don't hang out with Hollywood types that are pedophiles and sexually abuse child stars.

By the way, you can suggest to the UN that in order to fix the "supposed" voting rights issues in America, they can hire the Black Panthers to stand in front of voting places with bully clubs threatening white voters. Maybe the UN be good at managing voting in the US since they suck at everything else they attempt do to. Just ask the women in the Congo raped by the United Nations "Peace Keepers" - another brain-dead liberal term.

What are these guys trying to do? Set the stage for some kind of foreign intervention (passive or active) in America one day because they can't get their way democratically?

I mean, I can see it now--the greatest champions of liberty in the world coming in to "make the world safe for ineptocracy"--The U.N. Human Rights Council (among current members--Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia). Truly a Justice League for the ages.

Of course, they wouldn't necessarily be acting alone, would they? The Mexican drug cartels surely owe some people in the U.S. some favors and could probably contribute at least a strongly worded letter of protest in favor of this noble effort. The New Black Panthers too, I suppose should be counted as an asset for the cause of liberty, for aren't they experts on polling place etiquette? And I'm sure Venezuela would help out right the many "wrongs" in this nation, and show how to keep "the man" down. Even if "the man" isn't "the man" anymore.

Given their choice of whom they appeal to, the next thing you know we will be hearing the NAACP and others on the left issue calls for help from "rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperadoes, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, half-wits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswagglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass kickers, shit kickers – and Methodists." With friends like these...

I really don't get the NAACP or liberals. Somehow the ability of the various governments of the United States (federal or state) to insure adequate opportunity for possession of IDs by all of the people who so desire (as a requirement for what, after all, is a voluntary activity) is a task of monumentally impossibility that should thus be struck down--but those self-same governments can otherwise be trusted to manage the affairs of that same populace to whatever intricate level of detail desired, because they and they alone can accomplish impossible tasks in a way private persons, local groups, or corporations cannot, and thus should be deferred to.

Bull. If the government can't get me an ID card I sure as heck don't see how it can require me to get an insurance plan--or know if I did. The NAACP can't have it both ways. Either the government is effective, and the ID card requirement is thus doable (and something that should be done), or the government is ineffective, and permanently so, and in that case much more needs to be discussed as far as what it is attempting to do and manage.

It seems to me that the real issue here is that the NAACP simply has to accept that the days of inner-city elections being rigged is ending. As well as any idea that that model is going to be exported to any other parts of this land.

Which being the case, if they or other Democrats can't accept that, I could then understand why they would want to turn to China, Russia, and Cuba for help (among others). When you can't maintain office by the power of persuasion, I suppose you have to go to folks who know how to do it by the persuasion of power.

The Left is about power, and sovereignty means nothing to them so long as they are the ones in charge. It's about running our lives, pure and simple, and if they think some international body can twist our arms to get the desired effect, no problem. These people worship nothing but power.

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