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George Washington on party unity:

It is too interesting not to be again repeated, that if principles, instead of men, are not the steady pursuit of the Federalists, their cause will soon be at an end. If these are pursued, they will not divide at the next Election of a President; If they do divide on so important a point, it would be dangerous to trust them on any other; and none except those who might be solicitous to fill the Chair of Government would do it.

A fitty homily for the primary season.

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This was written in 1799!

Steve, is your point that the context was the contested 1800 election, or was it that it's a really old quote whose principles don't apply to today?

Of course. This has always been the point and the problem of our politics, but we have to elect men. For some of us, anyway, if we could just elect the principles, without having some fallible man attached, we would be more content with elections and with government. The right highly principled man would do. Can we get Washington back?

Good Heavens, I don't think good words go out of style, any more than the good ideas they may express! My point, and I meant it gently, was to note the irony. Near his own death, Washington was addressing a party that, we now know, was about to self-destruct.

"fitting" homily, perhaps?

Thanks for the clarifiction of the quotation's signficance, Steve.

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