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2011's Major Media Malfeasance

Poking the left-wing mainstream media is a hobby of many conservatives - myself included - though it's so easy to find examples of liberal bias that the effort could easily become a full time job. PJ Media has done us all a service by assembling a top ten list of 2011's most extreme examples of major media malfeasance.

Beyond the list itself, PJ Media provides context and rationale for 2011's increasing "malfeasance" as compared to 2010.

In 2011 ... the leftist legacy media seemed to almost completely abandon any pretense of objectivity or fairness left over from its disgraceful collective performance in 2010.

Why did this happen? Beyond the normal factors, 2011 saw White House thuggery directed at a press corps already inclined to reflexively parrot its positions reach previously unseen heights.

To name just three examples:

  • In March, Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers, sent to cover a fundraiser involving Vice President Joe Biden and Florida Senator Bill Nelson, was confined in a closet "to keep him from mingling with high-powered guests." Sentinel editors "dropped the story."
  • In April, the White House banished San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci "for using a video camera to capture an event." The paper was "threatened with more punishment if they reported on it." Chronicle Editor at Large Phil Bronstein called the White House's subsequent attempt to deny it all "a pants-on-fire moment." Press coverage elsewhere was scant.
  • In May, the White House Press Office "refused to give the Boston Herald full access to President Obama's Boston fund-raiser" because it objected "to the newspaper's front page placement of a Mitt Romney op-ed." The shutout was virtually ignored.

In a mid-May editorial, Investor's Business Daily called out the press for failing to stand up for it own, and correctly characterized the White House's actions as baby steps "toward state control of the media, using the carrot of access against the stick of exile."

Nothing has changed. In December, a Washington Post item noted that "when a reporter gets something wrong or is perceived as being too aggressive, the pushback is often swift and sometimes at top volume" (including heavy doses of profanity). What do you guys expect when you just sit there and take it -- something you would never do under a conservative or Republican administration?

The list is a walk down memory lane for conservatives - and likely an eye-opening revelation for anyone depending upon MSNBC and the like for information. And, in case you're thinking it can't get any worse, the prognostication is grim.

As bad as this past year was, there's every reason to believe that 2012 will be worse. The press has to figure out a way to drag a president who is very unpopular despite their best efforts to date across the November finish line while the White House continues its "oversight."

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Discussions - 2 Comments

"In 2011 ... the leftist legacy media seemed to almost completely abandon any pretense of objectivity or fairness..."

Huh? But wait, how does FoxNews - which you have cheerleaded for here at NLT on more than one occasion - honor either one of those principles?

After everyone's got their alternate-universe jollies reviewing that list from Pajamas - the most aptly named opinion blog ever - they should take a moment to review this year-end summary of the idiotic claims of the manipulative right-wing media, and how they square with liberally-biased realities:

Just for the record, there's little in this - especially the tone of it - that I necessarily agree with (e.g. killing Osama probably didn't make anyone the slightest bit safer, but still, considering the Bush-era bleating of Fox & Friends that Osama was the one to get, it's been fun to watch Fox & Co. minimize that (and more) because Obama the Muslim terrorist symp was the Commander-in-Chief at the time), but it's still a nice, corrective reality check after the Pajama tea party.

I guess you have grown bored of attending Occupy protests and now have come back to bore us with your ad nauseum posts and links..

Do us all a favor - go back to Occupying something, somewhere and spare us the liberal mental illness.

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