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No Nobel for Tolkien

We know how amazing and well-considered the Nobel peace prize choices are. If you've ever wondered how the Nobel prizes in literature are awarded, note the discovery that J.R.R. Tolkien was blackballed, despite a recommendation by C.S. Lewis.  Tolkien was denied even a nomination for consideration, because his work "has not in any way measured up to storytelling of the highest quality."

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Well, that's obviously nonsense. He was one of the 20th Century's premier story-tellers. So, what was the REAL reason they blackballed him?

If the Nobel Peace Prize awards are any indication of how the Nobel Prizes in literature are decided, then it behoves a great writer like J.R.R. Tolkien not to receive the award.

Most likely the real reason he has been blackballed is because he wrote The Lord of The Rings series to remind his son of what took place during WWII and that evil must be destroyed at all costs.

This type of thinking doesn't bode well with the leftists Nobel Prize Committees...

They like Obama and Gore who have no morals, values and have the uncanny ability to lie just about everything.

Remember that Nobel prizes went to terrorists like Arafat, Jimmy Carter and HUSSEIN Obama. They won't give a prize to a real American like Tolkein.

Tolkien was South African.

Maybe he was born American but in the wrong place. No way he was African though. I saw a picture of him and he was WHITE!

Well, if it makes you feel better, while born in South Africa he was raised and spent his life in England. Still not particularly American, however.

Conversely, Ken, we know how much conservatives really care about or want peace.

Craig, that was a really foolish thing to write. Thinking the Nobel Peace Prize committee is a joke is in no way analogous to thinking peace is a joke. A dream, maybe, but not a joke.

Many Christian conservatives very much care about peace and hold up the greatest symbol of peace the world has ever known ~ the Prince of Peace dying on the Cross.

Tolkien not winning is hardly surprising since he defended absolute truth, traditional virtues, and civilization against the forces of darkness and war in the LOTR.

Now, if he had written from more of a non-Western perspective and written about post-colonialism and whatever other -ism was fashionable among intellectuals at that time . . .

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