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The Power of the Declaration

Don't forget or underestimate the appeal of the Declaration of Independence.  Romney wins over Ms. Poe, an evangelical minister fearful of his Mormonism.  See the last two paragraphs:

"This is an election not just about replacing President Obama, it's an election about the soul of America," Romney said, as Poe gingerly climbed a chair to get a better view. As Romney cited the Declaration of Independence, Poe nodded in agreement. "They said that we had been endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. And as you know, those rights came not from the state, not from the government, but from our creator."

"He did great," Poe said as Romney walked around the room shaking hands. "If he were the chosen candidate, I could support him, yes."

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He is occasionally good at appealing to those who have the power to give him something, yes, I absolutely agree.

The problem being one can not quite yet be sure what he will do once he no longer has need for those people, or if the set of people who can give him something changes. Prior history is the only thing to go on, and it at least indicates a mind willing to change. Not so much for your benefit, but his. Thus, past history suggest that as long as you have the power to give Mitt Romney something he wishes, you can rest assured.

It is when you no longer have that power that you should be concerned.

"That power" will be a GOP Congress.

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