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Race Preferences and the Claremont Scandal

Charles Johnson tracks Claremont McKenna's race preferences admissions policies with the scandalous inflation of SAT reporting to US News and the world. Once again we see how a perverse policy of preferences leads to further unethical conduct. The issue for Claremont McKenna is not the superb quality of its teaching and much of the research--it's rather whether its key administrators (its Dean of Admissions resigned) based the College's policies and altered its identity for the sake of a higher standing in US News.

Did the President create a culture of cheap ambition? The Administration could have further played up its Government and Economics programs and been happy with a major national niche. Perhaps the prominence of conservative scholars in those departments made such a strategy distasteful, though.

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Hmm....let's see, even with the inflated scores, for Claremont McKenna, the 75th percentile math and verbal scores are 750 and 750 respectively, while those same percentiles for Ashland are 560 and 570 respectively. At CM, 56.6 percent of undergraduates are either white or asian, and at Ashland...well, they don't report ethnic demographics, but from other sources, it looks like somewhere around 75 percent white or asian. Clearly those minority students are manifestly unqualified. Perhaps Ashland should go after them, and increase their diversity and raise their own scores.

The relationship is backwards. Higher overall test scores makes the school MORE likely to engage in racial preferences; that is, it is a marker that the school gives greater preference to African American applicants compared to schools with lower test scores. Moreover, if the admission officer faked the SAT scores, did he also artificially lower the admission rate to make CMC appear more competitive? There are cases where a high school kid submits only his name and nothing else; of course, he’s not admitted but it still counted as an applicant, thereby lowering the admission rate and making the school appear way more competitive than it really is. It ultimately has to do with the character of admission committee members.

It should be kept in mind that Claremont McKenna College is not to be confused with the Claremont Institute. They are two distinct and separate entities.

Everywhere and always, affirmative action congeals into a racial spoils system. Since it's clear that college folk apparently can't help themselves (often engaging in this behavior against the law), I wonder why the Dems haven't started demanding better regulation of college admissions.

Given enough time, these people will destroy the finest system of higher education in the world. That's what liberals do.

When my son and I took a tour of the U.C. Davis campus about 6 years ago, we took the opportunity to tour the UC Davis Medical School, one of the top Medical Schools in California's UC System.

It is a beautiful facility and the tour was well worth the time.

As we left the building the first thing my son said to me was "Hey mom can only Asian people go to Medical School?

My reply to him was that in order to be accepted into a Medical School such as UC Davis, one would need to have good grades and be extremely smart. You would not want some dummy with low C's cutting you open.

My son made a significant point however. Asians make up about 7% of the US Population, but are over represented in the fields of medicine, engineering and computer science. They are under represented in things like Welfare, offspring of single mothers, drug addicts or prisons. Geez, let's connect the dots here....

As I recall, when affirmative action was in full swing in the UC system in California (i.e., pre-Prop 209), affirmative action served as a ceiling on Asian American student opportunity, keeping their enrollment at the top public universities in California well below what they would have if affirmative action was not implemented. The Wall St, Journal ran an editorial at that time, which cited the figures. Historically, affirmative action has also been used to minimize opportunities for blacks in state and local government. To prevent lawsuits claiming racial discrimination, the percentage of blacks employed by the state remarkably track the black percentage of the population. What a coincidence! Frederick Douglass once said, "The sum of the black man's misfortunes and calamities are just here. He is everywhere treated as an exception to all the rules which should operate in the relations of other men." He also wrote, "All distinctions, founded on complexion, ought to be repealed, repudiated, and forever abolished--and every right, privilege, and immunity, now enjoyed by the white man, ought to be as freely granted to the man of color." Simply put, race should not be the measure of anyone's rights under the Constitution.

You are absolutely right. Asians suffered terribly from the UC systems racists policies before prop 209. However, a lot of UC systems, specifically UC Berkeley continue to try and get "around" prop 209 today.

The result of the game playing that UC Berkeley does is extremely harmful to other minorities. The bulk of minorities that are accepted into UC Berkeley based on their race and not academic achievements result in them dropping out before they even finish their freshman year. The statistics are overwhelming.

John McWhorter, the first African American professor at UC Berkeley, wrote a wonderful book called "Losing the Race" about how liberal-based views in accepting students at UC Berkeley is extremely damaging to minority students. The bulk of the minorities who drop out of UC Berkeley never try and return to say a Junior or State college - they are forced into academic levels that they are not prepared to take on and become discouraged and never return to school. But at least all the liberals running UC Berkeley feel good about themselves and their dumb ideas.

Whoever said the road to hell is paved with good intentions was right about affirmative action and liberals.

Ah, but you see, for liberals it's not about helping anyone, nor do they much care who is harmed by their foolishness. Their behavior is all about how they feel about themselves -- they are utterly narcissistic.

"they are utterly narcissistic"

Without a doubt.

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