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Stormy Weather

Fred Astaire called this dance routine the greatest to ever be caught on film. The Nicholas Brothers, Fayard and Harold, were tap dancing stars of Vaudeville and the Harlem Renaissance, their careers continuing well into the 1990s. While the 1943 film "Stormy Weather" was primarily about its star, Bojangles Robinson, the "Jumping Five" sequence by the Nicholas Brothers really steals the show.
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Truly outstanding!

Did Gene Kelly study with them? Knockout!

Hey you stupid butthead liberals in Hollywood. Want to make movies that make money? Lots of money?

Well then make movies that have talented actors with a heck of a lot of class like the Nicholas brothers and see how many people flock to your movies.

I would pay $20.00 bucks to see talent such as the Nicholas Brothers, and I would pay that $20.00 more than once and buy the DVD on top of it.

But I am sure that the brain-dead liberal thinking in Hollywood would never grasp what I just wrote.

Liberalism is a ........

Wow. Someone took an extra dose of crazy this morning!

Ahhh Scanlon you just keep proving my point. Thanks so much for the added support that you have given me.

By the way, looks like Liberalism has more mental illness issues - especially in the Global Warming division of mental illness.

Global Warming Patient Peter Gleick has admitted to lying, stealing and cheating in order to keep the Global Warming trip down the Yellow Brick Road alive and well. The little lying, cheating little creep stole documents from the Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute happens to disagree with mental patient Gleick on the reality of Liberal's Global Warming escapade.

These documents included the names of donors and people affilated with Heartland and their take on Global Warming which is that it doesn't exist.

Of course I am sure that the Most Intelligent President Ever will gives us a boring speech courtesy of his teleprompter on how we need to have more civil discourse in this country and point directly at Heartland as they are the culprits, not mental patient Gleick.

Hope this little tirade helps get your panties in more of a was than normal.

Have a great day.

Uh huh ... Keep going crazy lady ...

When ya can't disprove the facts, you call people names.

Yes liberalism is a mental illness...

Do you use teleprompter too?

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