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Founding Documents Bill Signed into Law

I went down to Columbus on Monday for the Governor's ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 165, the "Founding Documents Bill."  I testified on behalf of this bill a few months ago.  State Senator Larry Obhof (R-Montville Township) led the charge on behalf of the bill that is now law. The state's model curricula will now include the Declaration of Independence; the United States Constitution, with an emphasis on the Bill of Rights; the Northwest Ordinance; and the Ohio Constitution.  The curricula will include reading the primary documents in their historical context.  As Sen. Obhof said, this law will help "ensure that all Ohioans are adequately prepared for their role in democratic self-governance."

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This is good news, although it's a little sad to think this bit of simple good sense had to be made law.

The Grendells, directly behind the governor, are judges from my area of the state. Tim must have advocated this back when he was in the Senate. It's the kind of proposal he'd like.

Ohio, at least, knows the full story of the Constitution and other organic law.

Congrats...but as an aside I do not like the way that Ohio numbers its legistlation.

SB 165 is also a drilling for natural gas bill. In so far as energy and fracking are big issues, this forces the result higher in a google search. So in foreseeable modern historical context, SB 165 is subject to an increased likelyhood of consumer confusion.

God help the Ohio Senate on the reset with SB 5...

I couldn't help but notice that everyone in the photo was white. How appropriate! After all, why should people of color be invited to "celebrate" documents that have been used to ensure that people of color be treated like second-class citizens (or not even recognized as citizens at all).

justice4all, didn't those documents change the way people of color were treated in America, from what it was and had been to what it became and is now?

If the way you see those documents is common to people of color, then no wonder they are not in the picture. Read the documents and see what they say without focusing on the early political compromise of the Constitution as your only focus. Your comment shows how those documents have been ignored, misread, misunderstood, mistaught. It also shows the sad possibility that teachers will distort the teaching of the documents; we don't know what will happen in the classroom.


Great point. It is kind of the same question I would pose to the superior, elitist, keeping track of who killed Travyon Martin Lame Stream Media. Why are the broacasters at liberal MSNBC, CNN, and ABC all white?

Based on your analysis above, MSNBC, CNN and ABC are all racists organizations.

I bet you are posting that on their blogs, calling them and raising holy cain about that right now, just like you are doing that on this blog.

Yeah, the Northwest Ordinance be keepin the black man down. Just deal with adult life.

Forget the Northwest Ordinance, think about the Ohio "Black Laws", eloquently described in the book "Team of Rivals". Under these laws, a black man's testimony had ZERO weight in a court of law, even if it pertained to the theft of his property be a white man. If a black man could not find a white witness, he had no recourse to justice at all. These laws were passed by Ohioans in the state legislature of Ohio. Perhaps the Buckeye State could teach its children about that heritage for a change.

Yes, I think they should, as well as why we no longer have those laws. Our heritage is complicated, and it should be taught. Why should we have to pass laws to teach history?

No problem. The children in the Buckeye State should be taught about those laws so they never become a law again.

As long as you agree that we should teach the children in the Buckeye State that the Trans Altantic Slave Trade that began in 1492 was started by the Muslims in North Africa and the Kings of the various tribes mostly in West Africa. Warring African tribes captured hostages from other tribes and starting breeding farms. They sold their hostages to the Muslims in North Afirica who enslaved over 28 million African women and young girls into sex slavery. The males were sold to the Spanish and Porteguese ship traders who in turned sold the African slaves to mainly Cuba and South America. Less than 6% of the slaves from Africa were brought to the United States.

Also, you need to agree that the children of the Buckeye State need to learn that it was White Male Christians who systematically eradicated slavery from Europe, North America, and South America. Sadly though, the Musliims and certain nations in Africa continue the ancient institution of slavery. The White Male Christians were unsuccessful in their bid to stop Africans and Muslims from practicing slavery.

As long as you can agree that the FACTS that I have stated above are taught to the children in the Buckeye State, I will be more than happy to agree with you that they should be taught about old outdated laws.

But I get the feeling that your post is nothing more than liberalism is a mental illness Bull$hit post. After all, no one can smell, hear or see liberal Bull$hit better than I can as I live in the stupid state of Blue California and I am surround by liberals daily.

cowgirl, I have to disagree with you. There is nothing demented in what weshallovercome is asking. My disagreement is not with the idea that students should be taught the whole truth about slavery, especially chattel slavery in America. When I taught history in high school, we spent a week discussing the history of slavery; if you don't understand slavery, you cannot understand the importance of transforming our country into a union that doesn't have it. Today, people don't value liberty enough because they take it for granted. That’s a sad mistake.

We began our nation with this proposition, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

It took time for the U.S. to get the "all men" aspect of that right, which was a pity, but it is true. We ought to appreciate the effort and I think it is right to have pity for those who suffered the deprivation of their right liberties in the meantime.

Not understanding what you disagree with me about.

I agreed with weshallovercome that the children should be taught about unjust laws and those who created them and those who were on the receiving end. But we must also teach the sacrifice that was made on behalf of the people in this country who died and lost their wealth and standing in society because they tried to stop not only slavery, but things like Jim Crow laws.

You taught history in high school spending a week about slavery, especially chattel Slavery in America? Just a week? Sorry I find that disheartening. Every nation, country, ethnic group etc, etc, past and present in the history of man has been enslaved starting with the Jewish people enslaved by the Egyptians. Jewish slavery itself would take weeks to teach and would be a lot worse than chattel slavery in America. People love to point the fingers at America's history of slavery, but the majority of people have no idea the horrors of slavery centuries before America and while America practice the institution of slavery other countries too were practicing it and doing it worse. When Columbus and other European explores came upon North America, over 20% of the population was enslaved. Native American Indians not only fought wars to capture their enemies to enslave them, but in some cases like those of the tribes in the Pacific Northwest, they ate them. The African slaves unlucky enough that were sent to Cuba and South America suffered a fate way worse than those in North America. African Slaves in Cuba and South America were worked to death - not allowed familes or a place to live - they died in the tobacco fields that they worked. I am not condoning slavery or America's part in it, but slavery existed way before America was a nation and America along with Britian stopped it in western civilizations. American chattel slavery was better than slavery any where else. The average slave in America worked sided by side with their master and they were given housing, food and allowed to have families. Three thousand freed Black Slaves in the Antebellum south owned and sold and purschased slaves.

Peopled died in American to stop slavery. This has happened no where else in the history of any country. You mention the first lines of the Declaration of Independence. I hope you teach in your history classes that this country almost did not become a country united because of slavery and the in fighting that took place during the time that the 13 colonies separated from Britian.

People have suffered on all aspects of slavery and unjust laws. We need to quit taking sides and pointing fingers and present the truth.

I don't think presenting the truth was the object of justices4all or wehallovercome. It was a BUll$hit liberal post.

The problem with teaching students about our social "warts" and racist history is that these things are used to inculcate eternal grievance. Ultimately, they are used as a scalpel to continually "bleed" the establishment (i.e., the government) for what amounts to reparations (e.g., affirmative action, welfare). The fact is, in the hands of the liberal educational establishment, the country never attains redemption or forgiveness. Doesn't matter how PC we become - it's not about becoming a better society.

Case in point, when my kids were in public school they were taught about the Underground Railroad in every social studies class for 3 or 4 years. What they weren't taught could literally fill a history textbook (bare mention of the Industrial Revolution, for instance).

Sadly, no matter how many laws you pass like this, until you have more control of the institution itself the "message" will always be skewed by the Left.

This event alone created two jobs - at a pen company and a red tie company. Just temp jobs, though.

Don't you have a plane to fly into something, Abdul?

Nope. I bet he is out organizaing the beer summitt between Obama, Holdner, The Black Panther Party and Zimmerman.

1) If NLT keeps this post up I wonder how many comments they can get?

2) I am pretty sure everyone already had a red tie.

But maybe the governor can create a trend and boost red tie sales.

The only google images picture of Kasich signing a bill where he is not wearing a read tie, involves HB 93, which targeted the perscription drug problem. He wore a blue tie and was surrounded by members of Solace who also wore blue.

Perscription drug abuse probably is big business.

3) I don't know what brand of pens gov. Kasich uses but apparently he signs his name one letter at a time and gives a pen out to each key participant.

That might in fact create jobs at some pen company. A lot of lawyers do collect pens. A governor pen is sorta cool.

4) In terms of the economics of the bill, I suppose it might encourage the education department at Ashland University to change the curriculum and work with the History department at Ashland University to try to hire someone who could teach the Northwest Ordinance and the Ohio Constitution.

5) Schramm teaches Lincoln, but that is a seminar and from what I remmember no one teaches Ohio History or the Ohio Constitution.

6) The Ohio Supreme Court seems to be trying to push the teaching of Ohio History.

7) I am not sure Ohio should spend much time teaching about slavery. This creates a sort of consumer confusion. The racist southerners vs. the liberal equality minded Ohioans.

8) A review of Ohio History would show that Ohioans were fairly racist (big exception Oberlin) and antagonistic to groups like the Mormons (Kirtland Oh).

9) Also the declaration of independence has waxed and wained over time. An interesting document that school teachers of a more liberal bent might wish to teach along side it might be The Declaration of Sentiments, albeit this is getting into New York History.

10) Bigger question: Why should Ohioians learn about history that is not more local?

The event may have created two jobs; both in China

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