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Is "Eating" also "Mistreating"?

I awoke today to news that Obama ate a dog.

In the West Wing?

With the wife and kids?

Poor Bo?

Then I realized that it was decades ago, when Obama was a child in Indonesia, and of which he had written openly in his first book. The only aspect of the story which strike me as amusing is that the contents of his own autobiographies are still a mystery to most people (especially in the media).

Otherwise, I do not find the story of Obama "mistreating" dogs by eating them as a child to be overly unsettling. But then, I live in Korea - where dog is on the menu - and until recently lived in Italy - where horse is on the menu - and recently visited . . . well, you get the picture.

P.S. Ok, but this is really funny.
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Romeny puts his dog in a dog carrier on a roof the car and the LSM goes insane.

Obama states that he has eaten dog and there is not a word from anyone in the LSM

Obama supposedly put in one of autobiographies that he wrote that he did eat dog while a child in Indonesia.

Just goes to show you that the LSM never, never vetted Obama, but they are doing a great job on Romeny.

So, cow, are you in favor of children being defiant of their parents, asserting their independence and autonomy, and making their own choices as to what they eat? Obama was in Indonesia from the ages of 6-10.

I'm sure you'd offer a sympathetic audience to your kids if, at that age, they declared themselves vegetarians or said "No, thanks" to the gruel of the day.

In the memoir Obama mentions that there was some religious background to the various foods he was introduced to. I'd love to know your reaction to a 10 y.o. (although Obama might've been younger) at church scrunching his nose up to his parents when presented with the idea of ingesting the body or blood of Christ (i.e., wafers, crackers, wine, grape juice).

Where do you come up with stuff???? It has nothing to do with religion. It is symbolic of the fact that Obama really doesn't like this country. He truly identifies with third world countries run by dictators and socialists.

By the way Secret Service Agent Stokes one of the agents fired for waging his war on women - not paying the pro the money she deserved - was the head of the Canine Unit at the Secret Service. You just can't make this stuff up.

I have got to give these guys credit though. They have way better taste in women than Clinton. By the way I bet my house that Clinton is on his way to Columbia.

By the way Pumpkin, the Solyndra Building is for sale - thought you might want to invest in it - you know you could turn it into a museum as the global warming religion of the left is headed into thin air.

The fact that Obama ate dog meat when his parents introduced it to him as a boy has nothing to do with religion (okay, fair enough, but I never made that claim anyway; I wanted to know if you thought children should be in charge of their own diets), but it's "symbolic of the fact that Obama really doesn't like this country." ??

I confess, that one completely confounded me. I don't even know where to begin...

But right, I got ya... Solyndra, global warming religion, Most Intelligent President Ever, Liberalism is a mental disease, etc., etc., etc. You might consider numbering the various catchphrases and bumper sticker slogans that you offer up ad nauseum; it would save you time and typing effort.

She crazy lady!!!

(oh brother, I better clarify this before she starts screeching about it...)

Well, to be honest, yes, I did connect Obama's eating of dog meat to religion, but only in the sense that his parents might have told him that there were religious justifications for eating this or that unusual food item (when considering this, recall that rabbits and pigs, among other animals, can be kept as pets or for meat in the US).

The primary point I had was that kids will eat what others around them eat, or ask them to eat, or demand that they eat - especially if it's their parents offering the food or insisting that they eat it. Unless they want to get in trouble. Comparing Obama's boyhood consumption of this or that food in another country to Romney's treatment of his own pet dog is pretty weak and unconvincing stuff.

Talking to yourself pumpkin?

"I confess, that one completely confounded me. I don't even know where to begin..."

You just realized that you are completely confounded. Wow - I have been telling you that for a long time now.

It is called mental illness and it is a symption of being liberal.

Of course your refer to my facts as catch phrases and bumper stickers - that is all you have to refute them with. Facts are something unknown to liberals. With liberals it is all about feelings....

Pumpkin - you have no point. That is a known fact.

My first post does nothing but state facts. There is nothing about religion and eating dogs. Get a grip please.

I did not make a uncontrollable temper tantrum out of the dog issue. Your friends at the LSM did about Romeny and his dog.

The LSM never vetted the Most Intelligent Black/White President ever so they got caught with their pants down, geez they have a lot in common with Weiner and his shortcomings. People who obviously vetted Obama by reading his two autobiographies pointed out that Obama ate dog when he was a child.

Dogs, like horses in America symbolize friendship, companionship, and in many cases lifesavers. We love Rin-Tin-Tin, Lassie, Laddie, Totto, Benji, The Incredible Journey, Lady and the Tramp, as well as Fury, Black Beauty, Misty, Champion, Trigger, Silver, Tornado, and the list goes on and on and on. Being raised in America watching Disney and the thousands of other movies and television movies about dogs and horses and cats for that matter, the thought of eating dog horrifies most Americans.

Obama was not raised in America per say and definitely does not have many qualities that are "American". His indifference to the claim that he ate dog meat is symbolic to his indifference to the greatness of America.

By the way, let's get this straight Pumpkin. Obama is neither Christian or Muslim. In order to truly be a Christian or a Muslim for that matter, one must shed oneself. In other words, selfishness has gotta go.

Obama is a major narcissist. He is in love with himself. Therefore any claims that he is Christian or Muslim is just not believeable.

You very cery crazy lady.

Pumpkin one sign of mental illness. When you cannot refute facts you call people names.

LIberals do this all the time. It is their signature attack mode.

You are very good at it.

Have a great day and God Bles..

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