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The Constitution Liveth (And it Keeps on Living)

President Obama is probably just trying to work the refs in his comments suggesting he is  "confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress."

Since Progressives have long praised the Court for taking away from the people the right to make law on may subjects, the comment might seem striking.  But I actually think it is entirely consistent with the Progressive understanding of the "living constitution." Whatever furthers the Progressive agenda is good, and whatever blocks it is bad.  Living is only supposed to be in the direction of "progress."  If the Court strikes down laws Progressives like, they will decide that judicial review is passe.

But what if the country is divided about what is "forward" in history? And what if some (many, I suspect) Americans are not living in an Hegelian world in which History has direction?

More evidence that a living constitution is impossible absent a consensus about what's next.

P.S. Obama's criticism of Paul Ryan for "thinly veiled Social Darwinism" draws out a related point. Uncle Barry's moral ideas are from fifty years ago. His Progressivism is trapped in the past. His living constitution is the prisoner of 20th century Progressivism.

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We can pretty much assume right now with out making an a$$ of you and me that the reason Harvard and other schools that The Most Intelligent President Ever attended will not release his grades is because is really not The Most Intelligent President Ever. But don't tell Pumpkin that.

Uncle Barry may be fifty years behind in his take on moral issues, but he is way ahead running an re-election campaign.

It is now viral on the internet that Uncle Barry is not verifying Names, Addresses, etc on his re-election campaign website. Tons of people are logging into the donation site and donating money using names like Adolph Hitler, Nidal Hassan, Osma Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein living at address such as 114 Stalag Avenue, Gulag Russia and the website is accepting the donations. How - because The Most Intelligent President Ever is not requiring the CVS number on the credit card to be inputted at the time of the donation. This CVS number of course verifies the individual making the donation's name to addres, city, etc.

Of course if you try this on the evil Republican's website such as Romeny or Santorum, the donation is refused if the CVS number does not match name/address.

So much for the most Transparent President ever. And of course Richard is spot on here... As long as what I am doing promotes the progressive side, then it is moral and legal.

Long live Che....

Interesting... Steve Hayward over at Powerline was able to obtain a copy of a final exam given by Professor Obama from his "Constitutional Law Class". Here is one of the questions:

"In part, Hardsville’s racial isolation is the result of white flight and the limited economic means at the disposal of the black community. It is also well documented, however, that Hardsville’s racial isolation arose in part due to decisions by a white-controlled city government prior to the seventies that were purposely discriminatory".

Wow!! More evidence that his grades, especially those from classes involving Constitutional Law, must just suck.

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