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I continue to have little opinion on the Trayvon Martin case, just as I have little opinion on the other 45 alleged murders which occur daily in the U.S. But the killing continues to have reverberations on the left. Today, began a national petition to force the district attorney for Chadbourn, North Carolina to bring charges in the killing of Jasmine Thar. The reason for their passion in this particular case? Thar was "a 16-year-old African American" and the person who fired the fatal shot is a "23-year-old Caucasian" who possessed "a Confederate flag and Nazi literature in his home."

MoveOn does not mention news reports that the
23-year-old Caucasian burst from his house after the shot was fired and began shouting "No! No! No!" as he fell to his knees. Another witness saw him crying in front of his house and observed, "I've never seen anyone's face so twisted with anguish." He was arrested but released when police determined that the discharge was accidental and may have been a mechanical failure of the weapon.

I have no idea if the Caucasian is innocent or guilty. And neither does MoveOn, who is calling for an new, "unprejudiced" investigation. That is, they assume that the reason charges have not been brought is based on race. The vast majority of blacks in America are killed by blacks, but have you ever noticed a liberal movement to end black-on-black crime? If this case did not involve a Confederate flag and Nazi literature, I would never have heard of it. Yet can you imagine the howls of outrage from the left if conservatives presumed a black man's guilt based on the possession of a Black Panthers' emblem and Nation of Islam literature?

Thee here:
The left's obsession with race transcends their devotion to the rule of law and prejudices their perception of crimes across racial lines. This is not virtuous concern for "insular minorities," but rather racist bias rooted in psychological insecurity and liberal ideology. Liberals do not want justice for blacks - if that were so, they'd address the black-on-black crimes which claim most black lives. Rather, liberals want to make a spectacle of white-on-black crimes, purely for political gain and personal psychological satisfaction.

Trayvon's death was tragic, but liberals have made his legacy into something corrupt and unseemly.
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Drudge Report has a link to an article about a 15 year black teenager who robbed and beat up 19 year old white teenager because he was angry about the Travyon Martin case, which at this time is looking like from the police reports (not MSNBC and company) that Travyon beat Zimmerman up. The 15 year old has been charged with a hate crime because he claims that he beat and robbed the 19 year because he was white.

No word yet from Obama, Holder, ACLU, Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, CNN, Van Jones, Barbara Lee, Maxine Watters, Rachel Maddow.......

Also, waiting for the time and place that the protests will take place in New York and Sanford, Florida.

Liberalism is.....

Look, this can all be boiled down to 4 words: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina. If Obama is to cary those states this year, he will need a tremendous turnout among blacks. A lot of blacks came out to vote for him because he was black in 2008, but the enthusiasm is gone. A lot of potential black voters are prejudiced, and love to wallow in collective victimhood, especially in the three above mentioned states (i.e. the Duke LaCrosse travesty). Now that the Trayvon Martin case is unraveling (at least in the sense of racial demagoguery), something else must be found.
The Martin-Zimmerman case will probably move to the back pages, but the race hustlers will continue to refer to it, using this new case as the hot-button du jour to convince black bigots that the only thing keeping them out of slavery is a vote for BO.

I agree with Dante. This is a way to "fire-up" the black voting bloc. It was heaven-sent, or at least that's the way the Obama Administration is viewing it.

But, it might well backfire. The blood on the back of Zimmerman's head is real, and I doubt the prosecution has a case. It will fire up black folks regardless, but the awful quality of the spectacle might well fire up the independents and white blue-collar folk as well.

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