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The world is a scary place. Within the last week or so, North Korea tried to shoot a nuclear-capable rocket over my head, India boasted the ability to nuke China's major cities and the Sudanese have fully embraced a quasi-civil-war. It seems that arms races, whether high tech or low, are still the means by which countries seek to resolve differences and strategically position themselves for international diplomacy.

I believe it is safe to say that the UN has been an unmitigated failure in its primary mission to achieve world peace. Of course, that was a tall order to begin with. The EU has been generally stable in Western and Central Europe - although, following the two world wars for which that area is chiefly responsible, they were due for a few years of peace and we should wait a little longer to determine if theirs is to be an enduring peace. It is a fretful thought to consider that modern terrorism has not actually replaced traditional nation-based warfare, only accentuated and complemented it.

The world presently attempts to provide disincentives for arms-races and war-like aggression in the form of sanctions, but they have proved largely ineffective. Sanctions often weigh heaviest on the weak and ignorant. Further, poverty breeds desperation. It has always been rich and powerful nations which (after a bit of conquering and colonization) have instituted lasting peace. Such is was during the Pax Romana, Pax Ecclesiae and Pax Britannica. Attempts to equalize nations - or, in Obama's words, to level the playing field - foolishly seek to depress nations into a posture ripe for conflict.

Until we find a better trans-national solution or men are ruled by their better angels, my hope for world peace remains the pragmatic Pax Americana. Our abdication of the leading role in peace-keeping through superior diplomatic, economic and military power destabilizes global truces and imperils world peace. America as "world policeman" is still the best option on the table.
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Human nature has not changed, only technology. We are getting (collectively) smarter, but not much wiser. Personally, I think it's a combination of "follow the leader" (which is comfortable for most people) and status resentment (which is ease to whip up in most populations). Alas for us, traits that worked pretty well for hunter-gatherers can lead to real catastrophe in larger societies.

Until the nature of man changes, there will never be a substitute for peace through strength.

"Until we find a better trans-national solution or men are ruled by their better angles, my hope for world peace remains the pragmatic Pax Americana."

I think research has shown that the best angle for men is around 177 degrees.

Yes, yes - you got me. Change made.

Okay, nice; you're willing to correct a minor (albeit amusing) spelling error - how about something more substantive (the last post where you attempted to put a nail in AGW's supposed coffin)?

Looking forward to your update or addendum on this one!

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